Friday, March 9, 2012

Good Sam Savers 3/11/12 - 3/17/12 **REVISED

****Update 3/11/12: Having just gone to CVS, I am proof that couponing is full of surprises. Even after years of shopping at pharmacies, I learned something new today: Not all CVS stores carry the same items, even those advertised. I figured if they advertised a product, they all carried it, right? No.

This was the case in Pampers wipes, 60 count. The CVS I usually visit on Middlebrook Pike only sells the large Pampers refills ($8 plus), but the one on Kingston Pike / Cedar Bluff does sell the 60 count box. The significance of this is that not only could I not get the Pampers deal at the first store; they wouldn't give me a raincheck. Bummer. So for the sake of research and getting diapers at a low price for my parishioner, I ventured 10 minutes out of my way. So save yourself some time, and go to the one on Kingston Pike / Cedar Bluff. Even if they're out, they will give you a raincheck.

Also I realized the candy and peanuts deal really wasn't so hot. I'm sure we'll get better deals closer to Easter. So sit tight.

***Original Post: I am blessed to be a member of The Church of the Good Samaritan. It's an Episcopal Church on Cedar Bluff Rd. in Knoxville tucked back in the woods. We have lots of ministries and ways we try to serve others, but we are a relatively small church. To stretch our dollars further, I'm encouraging our parishioners to use coupons paired with sales. To make the process simpler, here's how to get two deals this week at CVS (deals begin Sunday, March 11 and run through Saturday, March 17). You must have a CVS card to get these deals. See me at church if this is confusing.

Diaper Rotation:
  • Pampers deal: Spend $30, get $10ECB; limit 1.
  • Buy 3 packs of diapers for $9.50 each (the little boy we're supporting is currently in size 5) and 1 box of wipes (60-64 count) for $3. Use 2 $1.50 printables, 1 $2 coupon from home mailer, and 1 $.75 printable on wipes. If you don't have the $2MC, you could buy 1 smaller size and use a different $1.50 printable for Swaddlers or use a $1 coupon from the most recent P&G insert. Diaper Love is always accepting donations.
  • Total OOP: $25.75, get back $10ECB, makes all four items $3.94 each.
Easter Egg Hunt:
  • Hersheys / Kraft deal: Spend $15, get $5ECB; limit 1.
  • Buy 3 packs of Hershey's miniatures at $3 each. Use $2/3MC.
  • Buy 2 Planters peanuts 16oz at $3 each. Use $1.50/2MC.
  • Makes all 5 items: $1.30 each.
  • Use $10ECB from diapers transaction.
  • Total OOP: $1.50, get back $5ECB;
  • Donate the chocolates and keep the peanuts for snacks.
You can save your $5ECB for another trip or spend it to earn more ECBs on Zyrtec and Pedia Care.

For links to printable coupons and a more thorough list of deals, go to Southern Savers.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Best deals through 3/10/12

I'm happy that it's Tuesday morning and I have all my shopping done for the week. It's not a great week, but I managed to save some $.

I went to Kroger on Sunday: spent $257.30 and saved $120.62 (33%). That was high for me but I skipped shopping last week and I hope to go 10 days before shopping again. And at least I now have over 250 fuel points. See my blog on how I save on gas here. There were no freebies, but I would recommend a few deals:
  • 2 Honey Nut Cheerios (17oz): $2.24, used 2 $.50 printables = $1.24 each. Since you can only use two printables per product each day and I had 3 coupons (all expiring that day), I gave one to a man in the cereal aisle. His comment: "Are you some kinda coupon angel?" ;-)
  • 6 Chex mix: $1.50 each, get $3 catalina when you buy 5. Used 2 $.50 printables and 2 $.40/2MC. All doubled to give me $3.60 in savings. After catalina, each bag was $.40.
  • 6 Fiber One: $2.49 each, get $3 catalina when you buy 5. Used 2 $.40 printables and 2 $.50/2MC. All doubled to give me $3.60 in savings. After catalina, each box was $1.39.
  • 2 Larabars: $.99 each. Used B1G1 e-saver from to make them $.50 each.
  • 3 Silk almond milk: $2.99, used 2 $.75 printables = $2.24. I had also loaded an e-saver that should have taken $.55 off the third, but it didn't.
  • Seapack popcorn shrimp (a treat): $3.99 (half off), used $.75 MC = $3.24.

Here's what I bought.

Transaction #1:
  • 1 Colgate Total 4oz ($3, get $3RR, used $.75MC = $.75MM)
Total paid: $2.53
Total saved: $1.24
RR earned: $3

Transaction #2:
  • 1 Walgreen's nasal mist 4.25 oz ($5, get $5RR=FREE)
  • Used $3RR from Tr#1
Total paid: $2.46
Total saved: $5.99
RR earned: $5

Transaction #3
  • 1 Colgate Total (same as above)
  • 2 Lysol tub sprays (2/$5, get $1RR, used 2 $1MC expiring 3/6/12=$1 each)
  • filler item from clearance wrack: $.05
  • Used $5RR from Tr#2
Total paid: $1.04
Total saved: $15.76
RRs earned: $3, $1

Transaction #4
  • 1 Walgreen's nasal spray (same as above)
  • 1 lollipop made in the USA (filler, couldn't find any more $.05 deals): $.59
  • Used $1, $3RRs from Tr#3
Total paid: $2.11
Total saved: $6.99
RR's earned: $5

Transaction #5
  • 2 Star Wars figures (raincheck price: $11.49, B1G1, used B1G1 printable = $.75 each)
  • 2 Lysol all purpose cleaners (2/$5, get $1RR, used $1/2 MC = $1.50 each; coupons expire TODAY)
  • 1 travel size Gold Bond lotion filler: $.50
Total paid: $2.57
Total saved: $19.46
RRs earned: $1

Though I usually don't want to walk out with a RR, I'm hoping to use it for two more Star Wars figures before my coupon expires on Sunday. Let me know if you see any.

It wasn't a big day for CVS, but I did get a raincheck and I had a nice chat with the clerk about how she can save money through coupons too.
  • 1 Gold Emblem jelly beans ($.99, get $.99ECB=FREE); limit 1
  • 2 Softsoap bar soaps 4pack (2/$7, get $5ECB, use 2 $1.50MC=$1MM); limit 1. The shelves were cleared but I got a raincheck. Hopefully they'll restock before my coupons expire on Sunday.
  • Used $1ECB from previous trip (she rang it up as $.99)
Total paid: $.09
Total saved: $1.19
ECBs earned: $1, $.99 (for green tag)

Have you gotten the coupon bug yet?