Thursday, April 14, 2011

FREE green products at CVS next week

In celebration of Earth Day next week, CVS is offering two freebies that are great for the environment and your wallet. The deals aren't valid now. They run 4/17-23. Thanks to Southern Savers for the head's up.

The first is my favorite: the green tag! I scan my green tag every visit and have saved $11 with it to date; your receipts keep track. After four visits, you earn $1ECB for doing nothing other than bringing your own shopping bag.

It's a bummer you can only have one; so it's a bit surprising they are offering two free green tags per customer. Though I don't need one, I'll get two and give them to some of my other shopping mavins participating in Couponing for Charity.

The other is a GE Energy Smart lightbulb that's free after ECB and with a coupon from the April All You magazine. We don't need any light bulbs either, but these are great to donate. Not only will they get a free bulb, they'll save on electricity for a long time.

These are both gifts that keep on giving green!

Why I'll be going to Earthfest 4/16

You all know I'm a self-professed green geek. So how could I miss the annual celebration of all things green in Knoxville? Earthfest is scheduled for this Saturday, April 16 from 10am to 5pm. Admission is FREE and there will be lots of great activities and access to loads of information to "Green it and Mean it"--this year's theme.

Check out my highlights from last year's event. Looking through the list of this year's vendors, I'm sure you'll have many of the same experiences. Here are some of my favorites:

1. The solar industry will be well represented if you have questions on that (especially if you own a business trying to cut energy costs). The UT Solar Decathalon team will also be there.
2. Earthfare will be there and last year they had a great coupon! They're sponsoring the kids area which tends to have great crafts.
3. The Holistic Moms Network should have an area for you to nurse and change diapers (cloth a plus, but not a requirement ;)
4. The Knoxville Recycling Coalition can answer questions about recycling styrofoam and sell you a bag to begin collecting it.
5. They're aiming for a "zero waste" event and will have no trash cans on site. So if you can be mindful of any materials you bring and take them with you if they are not compostable or recyclable, that would be great.

There will also be three panels throughout the day:
1. Are we too clean? (11-11:50am)
2. Livable Communities (noon - 12:50pm)
3. Local Actions: Global Ramifications (1:00 - 1:50pm)

If you have these items, bring them:
1. mercury thermometer (can be exchanged for a new digital one)
2. incandescent lightbulb (can be exchanged for a compact fluorescent one; limit one per household)
3. 10 plastic bags or water bottles (can be exchanged for a reusable cloth bag)
4. Shoes to donate for Soles4Souls in Japan.

So, who else will be there?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

How CVS overages paid for my Easter candy

This afternoon after my final triathlon training day (big day is next Sunday!), I stopped by CVS to get deals for both weeks. Yes, I was sweaty and gross but by myself. This will be probably be my last chance to buy Easter goodies without the kids.

Tip: If you shop on Saturday afternoons / evenings, make sure you have your list of deals from the previous week because all the tags will likely be down and replaced with next week's tags. It takes a little longer to get the right products but it's worth it to me turning two trips into one.

Here's how CVS overages / money makers paid for 3 Dove solid chocolate bunnies and 2 bags of Dove solid chocolate eggs. I've said it before: I'm a chocolate snob but it's important to me that the first ingredient in my chocolates be chocolate and not sugar (check the ingredients on other brands), and Dove has no artificial colors. Yeah!

First I scanned my CVS card at the kiosk and was surprised by a random $1 ECB. Free money! Then I bought:

  • 2 Airwick Freshmatic kits and 2 Airwick Fresmatic refills ($5 each; spend $20, earn $10 ECB; used 2 $4 MC on kits, 1 B1G1 MC on refills, and 1 $1.50 off refills=$4.50 MM). See other deal scenarios here.
  • 1 Complete eye solution ($9, get $9ECB=FREE; I couldn't find the coupon that reportedly came in last Sunday's paper which would have made it a MM.)
  • 2 Oral B Advantage toothbrushes ($3 each, get $1ECB for each, used 1 B1G1 and 1 $2 MC=$1 MM)
  • 1 Crest Pro-Health toothpaste and 1 Glide Pro-Health floss ($3.50 each, get $2.50 ECB for each, used $1 MC for toothpaste and $1 MC for floss in home P&G home mailer=2 FREE.) However, the ECBs did not print and so the clerk had to punch it in manually. The machines won't let them do cents and so she rounded each up to $3, making this a $1 MM. Had I known this, I would have asked her to print one $3 and one $2 so that it would be fair. Tip for future trips.
  • Since my total before coupons was over $40, I used the $5 off $40 coupon I printed from Facebook a few days ago. It expires 4/10.
  • I also used $15 ECBs from previous trips

Subtotal: $.47

Total with tax: $4.07

Total savings: $57.74

ECBs earned: $27

My second transaction included:

  • 3 Dove chocolate bunnies & 2 bags of Dove chocolate eggs (normally $4.99 each, on sale for $3 each, used $2/2 Mars products in All You magazine, $1/2 Mars products from paper, and $1 off Dove bag chocolates from paper)
  • 1 Russell Stover chocolate bunny ($.74, get $.74 ECB=FREE; deal Sunday through Tuesday only; limit 1)
  • 1 CVS Super Bubbles ($1.49--was supposed to be $1.99, get $1.99 ECB; deal Sunday through Tuesday only). Again, the ECBs for the Russell Stover and bubbles did not print; so she gave me $1 and $2 ECBs. Had I been thinking clearly, I would have taken the $2 and not had her print the $1. Lesson learned.
  • I used the $10 and $3 ECBs from previous transaction too.

Subtotal: $.23

Total with tax: $1.23

Total saved: $27.58

ECBs earned: $3

To recap, I'll be donating everything from the first transaction to my Couponing for Charity mission. CVS overages & free coupons totaled $12.50 and my chocolates after coupons were $11. And that is how CVS paid for my Easter candy! Thank you, CVS!

Note: I have no affiliation with CVS, and this was not a paid post. I'm just a happy customer.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Couponing for Charity 4/3-9

My apologies for the delay in posting. Lots going on right now for me and my family. I've checked out the match-ups, and though it's not a great week, there are a few deals to be had. If you're picking just one, head to CVS.

For all the match-ups, visit Southern Savers.
For a pared down list, visit Coupon Katie.

Here's my plan; note the numbers of products--as those are the limits to the deals and I round up to make it easier.
  • 1 Complete multi-purpose eye solution, 12oz ($9, get $9ECB, $1MC=$1MM)
  • 2 Oral B manual toothbrushes ($3 each, get $1ECB for each, use 1 B1G1 coupon and 1 $2MC=$1MM)
  • 2 Gumeez flossers ($2, get $2ECB=FREE)
  • 2 Crest toothpaste or floss ($3.50, get $2.50ECB, use $1MC=FREE)
  • 3-4 Benefiber products depending on the price ($10ECB wyb $20 of products, I have 2 $5/2 and 2 $2/1 coupons)
  • If the Benefiber deal works out, I'll use the $5 off $40 CVS printable good through 4/10. If not, I'll see what next week's deals look like.
  • I also have $15 ECBs to use to minimize my OOP
For all the match-ups, visit Southern Savers.
For a pared down list, visit Coupon Katie.

The only real deals I see this week are the Colgate Maxfresh money maker and the $.50 Color Wonder On the Go. But I don't think it's enough to pull me in.

For all the match-ups, visit Southern Savers.
For a pared down list, visit Coupon Katie.

Other than a few fresh fruits, veggies, bread, and milk, I don't plan to buy much at Kroger this week. I might pick up 4 cleaning supplies if I have the right coupons and some pot pies. Make sure you load the free potpie e-saver (wyb 5) at or

What are your favorite freebies this week? What did I miss?