Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Julie, Julia, & Me

I just saw the movie "Julie & Julia.” It’s based on two true stories of Julia Child and Julie Powell (a writer who blogged about cooking Julia’s recipes). If you haven’t seen the movie, go see it. Meryl Streep is wonderful as usual! It was this film that made me decide it was time to get off my keister and do something I’ve been thinking about for months: start a blog.

For me, this was a must-see movie. I actually interviewed Julia Child ten years ago when I was a producer for CBS. She and Jacques Pepin had collaborated on a cookbook to accompany their new television show. Their signed cookbook is one of my prized possessions. I thought it would be fun to take both of them to a greasy spoon in San Francisco to compete in preparing the best hamburger. Then in her mid-80’s, Julia was graceful and refined and yet fit right in flipping burgers.

As the movie “J&J” unfolded, I found myself identifying with the other star, Julie. She too was in her 30’s, she had an exceptionally supportive husband, she was a bit lost finding her direction in life, and she believed in her bones that she was a writer. It was just that no one else knew it yet.

I know what some of you are thinking: another mom blog by some homemaker looking for a soapbox. What makes her so special and why should I care? I’ve been thinking about a witty response to that question, but I’m still working on it. At the very least I’m trying to decide what is “my voice” and what I want to say in this blog.

I'm smart but not a brainiac; I'm creative but no Martha Stewart; I'm ecologically mindful but not granola crunchy; I can laugh at myself but I'm no comedian. I'm just doing my best as a mom for my three young kids one day at a time. Along the way, I’ve been stumbling upon some practical tips and nuggets of wisdom that just might make another mom’s day. I’ll also share my foibles and mistakes that hopefully you can avoid making. This is my chance to share those.

The line in the movie “J&J” that struck me most when Julie was contemplating writing a blog was, “Julia Child wasn’t always JULIA CHILD.” At one point in her life, she was a nobody looking for a creative outlet and frankly something to do. Only later in life did she gain respect and notoriety for her art. Who knows: maybe someday someone will say the same thing about me.

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  1. I really enjoyed that movie--all the meat in the recipes was a bit rough for me to handle, but the only part I absolutely couldn't handle was the lobster--NO WAY!