Thursday, February 25, 2010

FREE is Good

I like to write about FREE. It's a word that deserves to be in all caps because it's that great. Even though saving money is good, the idea of getting something completely free is exhilarating.

This morning alone I got three freebies, all thanks to Coupon Katie. After dropping off Bobby at school, I swung by Chick-fil-A for the final free breakfast. Since there were three of us in the car, we got three chicken & biscuits (worth $6.15). The kids loved them, and though I rarely do fast food, I admit I liked mine too.

Then I stopped at a Pilot Food Mart for a free box of tea (worth $5) with this coupon which expires Sunday. I chose the Honeybush Carmel flavor that boasts high levels of antioxidants. For free, I'll try it.

Just down the road was a Walgreens where I scored big this week. With this coupon today you can get a free 8x10 in store only (worth $2.99). My picture of the family at Disney World will go in the front hallway and was ready in less than 10 minutes. I used my B1G1 Special K coupon and a $2.50RR I got last week to get two FREE boxes of cereal. I also used my coupon for a FREE box of Excedrin I earned here. Can't say as I use Excedrin but our school just asked for donations for the school nurse. Here you go.

Another good deal I got at Walgreens (though not free) was on Charmin toilet paper on sale for $3.49. I used a $3RR I earned from buying pull-ups two weeks ago and a $.25 coupon to get 6 big rolls of TP for $.24. This will be one of the receipts I submit to get $100 worth of P&G coupons. Even though I only spent $.24, I get credit for $3.49 and I'm almost to the $50 worth of products you need to buy by 4/15/10. Tip: The small cans of Hunts tomato sauce (only $.39 with the circular coupon) are a good way to keep the coupon/item ratio in check if you're trying to use two coupons on one product. All told I saved nearly $30 at Walgreens this week and only spent $3.18 (including tax).

On Saturday, I also scored a FREE full-size bottle of Lubriderm and Purell spray at Babies R Us. Since the $5 gift card I earned by becoming a fan on Facebook was going to expire that day, I stopped by. The Lubriderm was on clearance for $4.98 and the Purell was $1.98; I used my $2 Lubriderm coupon found here and got both for paying just tax: $.60. My mom who "wanted to see me in action" seemed impressed. And since Michaels is next door, I stopped in for mod podge to complete a craft for a belated Valentines present (using the FREE photo collage I made a few weeks ago no less). It wasn't on sale, but of course I used the 40% coupon Michaels publishes weekly.

On Tuesday, I plan to stop by Earthfare for the FREE pizza dough and cheese with this coupon. All you have to do is buy an Earthfare sauce, on sale for $2.50. Hopefully, they'll have some left.

And if you haven't heard of the Knoxville Coupon Fair on Saturday, February 27, that's going to be a great FREE event. Would savvy shoppers expect anything else?! I have lots of coupons to swap and am looking forward to meeting a lot of the women I've come to respect.

But perhaps some of the best freebies aren't found in any stores. Since we had a few extra minutes before dropping off Devin at school, we went outside to catch snowflakes on our tongues. Try doing that without giggling! We've had so much snow lately that I've almost begun to dread it, but going out this morning helped me remember what a beautiful gift snow is.

And once Brooke wakes from her morning nap, we'll have lots of free time to do what she likes best right now: walk. She can take some steps on her own, but we spend a lot of time with me hunched over, holding both hands, and following wherever she fancies. Yes, FREE is good.

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