Monday, February 1, 2010

FREE or Nearly Free Kroger Finds

Looking back over my Kroger receipt today, I realized I had 7 items that were free or nearly free; regularly they would have totaled $17.71 but I only spent $.46 for all 7! Deals are through Saturday, February 6 if you're interested in adding a few bargains to your list this week.

First of all, you need to decide on 10 items that qualify for the "Buy 10, get $5" sale. The plus side of this sale is that you get to pick from a lot of different items. The trick with this sale is that you must get exactly 10, 20, 30, etc. items to get the savings. If you buy 9, you save nothing; if you buy 10, you save $5; if you buy 11-19, you still only save $5. So I advise you to keep track of how many of these items you purchase by adding marks to your shopping list as you put them in the cart. And if you're coming up a couple short towards the end, treat yourself to one of the tastier sale products this week: Edy's ice cream (and don't forget the $1 coupon for Edy's in the paper a few weeks ago).

Most of my coupons were IPs that you can probably find on, and all my e-savers happened to come from Cellfire. That said, here are my 7 best finds at Kroger this week:

1. Chex Mix 8oz: $2.48 regular, $1.99 on sale, $.50 savings Cellfire, $.50/1 coupon doubled, $.50 B10,G5 deal savings; Final Cost: -$.01.

2. Nature Valley Nut Clusters 5oz: $3.79 regular, $2.69 on sale, $1 savings Cellfire, $1/1 coupon, $.50 B10,G5 deal savings; Final Cost: $.19.

3. French's Honey Mustard: $2.19 regular, $1.69 on sale, $.50/1 coupon doubled, $.50 B10,G5 deal savings; Final Cost: $.19.

4. Betty Crocker Frosting: $1.59 regular, $.50 Cellfire savings, $.50/1 coupon doubled. Note: This is a deal you can get often if you buy them one at a time. You might even make money if it's on sale. I just saw a recipe that uses this to make molten lava cake; yum! Final Cost: $.09.

5. Halls Cough Drops 30 count: $1.39 regular, $1 on sale, $.50/1 coupon doubled; Final Cost: FREE

6. Fresh Selections Bagged Salad 8oz: $3.28 regular, $2.50 on sale, Buy 2 Ocean Spray Craisins ($5 total), get salad free. If you don't like dried cranberries, then this is not the deal for you, but I was going to buy them anyway. Final Cost: FREE

7. Private Selection Organic Chocolate Milk half gallon: $2.99 regular, $2.79 on sale. By going here, you can get a coupon for 1 free half gallon of chocolate milk when you buy 2 gallons of white milk. I was going to buy the white milk anyway; so this was just a bonus. I was able to print 2 coupons for the chocolate milk a few weeks ago and just now, I printed one for a free gallon of white milk with $100 grocery purchase; no problem! Final Cost: FREE

I'm sure there are more deals to be had, but they weren't on my list. What were you able to get for free this week?

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