Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jack n Jules officially opens tomorrow

Three, two, one, GO! Consignment season is now open and ready for bargain hunters. I'm grateful for the opportunity from Knoxmoms to get a sneak peak at the Jack n Jules sale today. I arrived just before it opened to the Mommy to Be Club; what a great idea to help out new moms and how fun to see all those beautiful bellies!

Though I didn't have any must-get items in mind, I headed straight for the big toys, ride-ons and then small toys. There was a very cute princess castle pop-up, but I can't spare the room. I did find a huge bag of Lego's for just $3 and a bouncy ball in good shape for $3 too--great prices for classic toys. I may hide these 'til Easter.

I also picked up a good quality butterfly costume for DD next year. Even if she doesn't want it for Halloween, it will be fun for dress-up. Our DSs wear older costumes ALL THE TIME. Just today Spiderman was tearing through the house.

I was pleasantly suprised there was a good selection of clothes for older boys (up to 12). I picked up swim trunks and a couple of shorts for both boys. There were so many 2T girls clothes that it was hard to sift through them. That's one advantage to going later in the sale. Honestly, I found some of the prices high but that's no fault of Jack n Jules. Pricing is the choice of each consigner. I did pick up two cute outfits for her for $4 each. Girls clothes are so much fun!

I only waited in line for 10 minutes, and my total was 9 items for $28. The sale was well organized and laid out, and I'm very pleased with the quality of my finds. Even the shoes were easy to view at a glance--no sifting through bins. I recommend checking them out Thursday and Friday 10am-8pm or Saturday is half price day, 10am-4pm. On Friday 12-4pm, 5% of the proceeds will go to East TN Children's Hospital. That's great!

Please come back and leave a comment about your finds or feedback from this sale.

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