Friday, March 4, 2011

Save big on Marcal at Staples 3/4 only!

I know people can be pretty picky when it comes to toilet paper. Even the most determined environmental couponers draw the line at wanting their favorite plush brands. My husband and I are not that picky about brands and really want to support recycled products in this way.

I've tried the 100% recycled CVS brand and Marcal 2 ply, and I prefer Marcal. Marcal is great about coupns in the paper, where you can save $1 here and there. I just got two boxes of tissues for free with those coupons at Ingles when they were marked down to $1. And you can get 4 small rolls of TP at Earthfare for $.67, but we seem to go through it faster than I can buy it.

So, personally I was jazzed about Staples daily deal today on Marcal TP and paper towels. You can get a case of TP (48 rolls) for $16.99 or 15 rolls of paper towels for $9.99. You can buy multiple cases. Since I have several rewards from buying the products that are FREE after rewards, I decided to buy 2 cases of TP.

My subtotal before coupons was $61.18. The online coupon valid 3/4 only took off $27.20 and I used a $33.20 reward. Since I chose in store pick-up, there's no delivery charge. My tax was $.08 and I paid $.86 for 96 rolls of toilet paper. And I did it from home. Woo hoo!

Anyone else out there by recycled paper products? What do you think about them?

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