Monday, August 22, 2011

Decent Staples deals this week

If you happen to be near a Staples this week, there are a few good deals to pick up. You need a rewards card for some of them. I will probably be picking up deals for myself and my church by using both Staples cards and I won't have to pay tax on their purchases. There's a limit per account; not per customer. The deals are either in Staples rewards; pay now, save later through store credit, or Easy Rebates; pay now, they send you a check. Rewards are usually good for 2 months. Here are the deals:

1 Scotch Magic Greener tape: $3.99, get $3.99 in SR=FREE
1 Staples pack of pastel paper 500 sheets: $8.79, get $8.79 in SR=FREE
1 8 pack of Staples writing pads / steno pads: $10.79, get $10.79 in SR=FREE
1 3 pack of Scotch moving & storage tape: $13.99, get $13.99 in SR==FREE
1 5 pack Bic Mark it permanent markers: $3.00, easy rebate: $2.75=$.25
1 4 pack Pentel Wow retractable pens: $2.99, easy rebate: $2.74=$.25
5 2 pocket ply folders: $.25 each
5 Really Useful storage boxes: $.25
2 Staples 70 sheet notebooks: $.19 each
2 Staples memo books: $.50 each

What deals do you think are worth the trip?

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