Monday, November 16, 2009

H1N1 Vaccine Free & Easy

I'm not here to push getting the H1N1 vaccine, but if it's something you would like for your family, we can be thankful in Knoxville it's quick, easy, and free. Currently there is only one Knox County Health Department facility administering the H1N1 vaccine (140 Dameron Ave near Central and Baxter), but they have a separate area for administering the vaccine to make it as stream-lined as possible.

Bobby was able to get the flu mist at school, but the rest of us went to the health department today. We were in and out as fast as we could fill out a one page form (about 15 minutes). Bob, Devin, and I got the mist and Brooke got a shot. The kids will need another one in 3-4 weeks. It was free, as it is to everyone in America (not just U.S. citizens).

I admit I've cringed at the thought of visiting THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT for any service in the past, but they were organized, professional, and courteous. If you have any questions about the H1N1 vaccine, here's more information.


  1. You mean you made it into mid-November without actually having the H1N1 infection come tearing through your house? I"m impressed. We all managed to get immunized the good ol' fashioned way. :-)

  2. Sorry you guys had to endure that. So far we're just battling runny noses, coughs, and ear infections.