Thursday, November 12, 2009

How to Save 88% at Walgreens

If your kids ever ask you, "Mom, when am I ever going to use math?" just take them to Walgreens to figure out the best deals. I almost majored in math but piecing the puzzle of how to get the best deals can be exhausting. This week I did manage to score some deals but only when I got home did I figure out how I could have spent the least amount of money for the most stuff. So here's your chance to learn from my mistakes.

How would you like to get 3 bottles of Lubriderm lotion, 3 packs of tissue wrapping paper (20 sheets each), 4 different spices, and 1 pack of Huggies for $3.53? These particular deals are only good through Saturday, but I'm sure next week will have its own deals. Here's how.

Thanks to Coupon Katie, I learned of the November deal with Lubriderm: buy 3, get $8 RR. You may not see this in any flyer or in the stores. Make sure you find the 6 oz bottles for the best deal (I could only find the 16 oz bottles). Through the paper or online, you should be able to get 3 manufacturer's coupons of $2 each. In the diabetic magazine near the pharmacy, you can get an additional Walgreens coupon that will take another $3 off when you buy 3. Since your coupon to item ratio is now off, pick up 2 packs of tissue wrapping paper and use the $.39 coupon in this week's ad. Since this coupon will save you on two items but only count as one coupon, you now have 5 items and 5 coupons. Your total before tax is $3.15, and at the end of the transaction, you'll have an $8 RR.

If no one is behind you, go for transaction #2. The best deal for me to spend an $8 RR is on diapers but you might consider another higher priced item like Crest Whitestrips (see $10 coupon in this week's ad). Since Huggies are $8.99 this week, I have a $2 manufacturer's coupon, and there's a $1 coupon in the Walgreens Health Coupon book, using my RR would mean Walgreens pays me money. Since they don't do that, I need to buy a few items to make up the difference. There's a coupon in this week's ad for spices, 2/$1 (normally $1.19 each). Pick up 4 of these and 1 more pack of tissue paper. You should have 6 items and 4 coupons. Using your $8 RR brings your total to $.38.

All these goods not on sale and without coupons would cost $30.58, but you've only spent $3.53 before tax. That's an incredible 88% savings! I bought a few other things and saved 60% total, but I'm learning.

And though this doesn't qualify for super savings, it is a way to save on a green product. I picked up a 3 roll pack of Nature's Choice paper towels. There's a $1 coupon in the November Walgreens coupon book, bringing my total to $2. They're 100% recycled and a great way to support the green revolution.

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