Thursday, December 24, 2009

Are You There, Santa? It's Me, Margaret

Dear Santa,

It's Christmas Eve and the house is all a flurry with excitement over your arrival. The kids have written you notes and hung them on the mantle. Don't forget to sign the box that you read them to prove that you are real. And in case you miss the note detailing where to leave the presents, we moved the tree upstairs to the living room this year. They'll be expecting your bounty there.

We've also started tracking your progress on the NORAD website. I think you're in Cambodia right now; so I'm relying on your super natural powers to read this post. I know you're not responsible for all the many technoligies that have enabled us to contact you, but I'd like to highlight a few here.

The best of course is in person visits. We've enjoyed meeting and taking pictures with you at the local library each year, but when my 6-year-old missed that last week, he insisted that was a fake Santa. Don't worry; you were still real to Devin and Brooke.

I've seen websites where you can have Santa call your house or send an email with a personalized message, but coordinating that seemed too much effort this year. Plus I'm afraid Bobby would still suspect that was one of your minions.

Our 3-year-old Devin surprised us yesterday by tapping madly at the computer keyboard. "What are you doing, Devin?" "I'm sending an email to Ho-Ho (his nickname for you, but you knew that). I'm telling him Bobby is on the naughty list and that he messes everything up. But I've been good." Since we didn't have your email address, you may not have received that message.

But this morning we discovered another way to contact you: Of course! Bobby and Devin answered a few short questions to get certified on the nice list. They received a B+ rating and "their halos were a little bit crooked," but that leaves an incentive for behaving well today. Thanks, Santa.

Perhaps my favorite means of contacting you is only possible in small town USA. In the town of 350 folks where I grew up, the volunteer fire department threw a fundraiser each December for a chance to radio Santa on the fire truck. All the kids piled in; no one bothered with seatbelts or car seats. The reception was lousy at first (that is a long way to the North Pole), but then your voice came in crystal clear. You patiently listened to all our requests one by one while we drove around town and hoped there wouldn't be a fire.

Santa, I haven't noticed that you're following my blog yet, but anything is possible. So I figured this would be one more place to contact you. I've been a pretty good girl this year and my list of requests is short. All I want for Christmas is a little extra patience for crowds and traffic, an open heart to soak up my family's love surrounding me, and the wisdom to appreciate the magic you bring when the kids are young and everyone believes.


P.S. If you can clear up Brooke's cold so that she doesn't develop another ear infection during the worst possible time of the year, that would be great too!

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