Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Snow

This morning we awoke to a winter wonderland outside. Snow had blanketed the yard in maybe an inch, and snowflakes were still floating from heaven. All three kids were of course excited. Brooke, our nine month old, was mostly curious and was eager to investigate it closer than the windowsill.

We started with a big family breakfast of pancakes, french toast, and bacon with Harry Connick's Christmas special playing in the background. Does it get any better than this, I thought? That's when Devin asked, "What's that sound? Where's the picture?" Have I failed in educating them about music and CDs? Are moving images on a screen all they know? Sigh.

By 9:15am we had dug out all our ski gear and boots (that I'd bought on consignment since we only see snow a few hours a year in TN), and we were ready. The kids looked like they were prepared for an Arctic trek across a glacier. And Brooke looked like a blue marshmellow, wearing a puzzled expression most of the time. Adorable. Bob, who grew up in the North, taught the boys the fine art of snowman building. We sledded on what little snow had accumulated on the empty lots in our subdivision. Within an hour, they were cold and asking for hot chocolate.

Snow always makes for a frenzied experience in the South because you know by noon, it will probably all be gone. It forces us to Carpe Diem: Seize the Day and that to me is a great way to live every day. Enjoy the video!

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  1. Very nice, Margaret. Fun to see your kiddos, especially Brooke and Devin since I just don't have much to go on with them. :) And if you're feeling curious you can check out our forecast for the next few days. I think I'd like to trade you for yours.