Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How to Save Over $100 on PG products through 12/31

Every once in awhile the stars align in the coupon world to create some great savings on select products. Right now I think the best deals on Proctor & Gamble products are to be had at Kroger through December 31. Here's why.

Kroger is currently having a promotion on P&G products: spend $25, save $5 instantly. Look for the special ticket all over the store--lots more products than are advertised. It includes items from shampoo to diapers, paper towels to pet food.

I encourage you to go in the next couple of days because of the additional e-savers that will no longer be valid after the end of the year. These are savings on products in addition to manufacturer's coupons. Most are about $1; the highest is $10 for teeth whitening. E-savers are loaded directly onto your Kroger card and cost you nothing. Note: You won't see the savings as the items are scanned but they will be on your receipt.

This is also a good time because if you collect coupons, you have two months to choose from (January came out 12/27). P&G sends out coupons monthly in the newspapers that are usually good through the end of that month. So lots of good ones are expiring 12/31. And if you use some of the January coupons, a portion of your sale goes to Special Olympics.

Since many of the items through the promotion are also on sale, you have a way to save money four ways. For example, Dawn dish soap was on sale for $2, e-saver took off $.50, I had a coupon for $.50 that Kroger doubles. Since it qualified for the promotion (approximately $.40), that meant I spent only 10 cents!

Here's another example. Pantene (regularly $5.29) was on sale for $3.39. Two e-savers took off $2, a coupon took off $1, the promotion saved another $1.36, bringing each bottle to $1.21. My best deal on diapers was a pack of Pampers Extra Protection: $3 coupon, $1 e-saver, and $1.95 from the promotion brought my total to $3.82 a pack. A six pack of Bounty paper towels was only $3.60 (regularly $9.79). I saved $17 off Crest whitestrips; they weren't on sale or valid for the promotion, but I couldn't pass up saving $17! There are also some good B1G1 coupons for Olay and Allways that saved me a total of $13.67.

All told, I saved $100.98 on P&G products yesterday: $30 through the promotion, $20 through e-savers, and $50 through coupons and sales. For the best deals get there today or tomorrow! Happy savings!

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