Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Resolution

It's that time of year again and I can't resist contemplating what resolutions might make my life better. The typical ones jump to mind: lose a few pounds, drink more water, get back on a regular exercise routine, eat more fruit, go to bed earlier, bla bla bla. Yeah, those are all on my to do list but there's one idea that's really gotten me excited.

I've started a journal for each of my three children where I can jot down memories, milestones, or funny things they say more regularly. For years I've been saying, "I need to write that down!" The day gets away from me and I never do it. As a writer, I like to have my words more polished than I envisioned I had time to do for a project like this, but I've decided even basic comments are better than nothing at all.

I decided on three separate journals so that I could give each their own book one day; I'm trying to avoid the second and third child syndrome where they don't even have a baby book. Yeah, put that on the list too. I bought the same style in three colors so that I could easily distinguish them. I'm going to keep them by the phone in the kitchen for easier access.

So hopefully if I have only ONE set-in-stone resolution this year, I might just succeed in accomplishing it. What are your resolutions? What types of things would you want saved for posterity in a journal?

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  1. Love your journal idea for each child! As the oldest of 5, I've always felt kind of guilty for having such complete documentation of my early days, while my siblings got alot less! Good luck keeping up with it!