Saturday, January 30, 2010

Setting up for Savings-Free Pillsbury Grands til 2/13

After writing the blog below, I've been watching the Pillsbury deals at Kroger. This week you can actually make money with Pillsbury Grands biscuits. Here's how.

Make sure you've loaded savings for this item from Shortcuts and Cellfire. If you did so a few weeks ago, you should have at least 3 $.30/2 esavings. Through papers and online sources, you can easily find a few $.30/2 coupons which Kroger doubles. This item qualifies for the $.30 savings if you buy 10 items; remember to buy exactly 10. I suggest you get 4 Breyers ice creams to round out the savings, but Campbells Chunky soups also qualify.

So here's the breakdown. Buy 6 Pillsbury Grands biscuits for $1.29 each. Esavers should save you $.90, coupons $1.80, the mega event another $1.80. For buying 6, you'll receive $4 off your next shopping trip at check-out. You've only spent $3.24 and you get $4 back. Not bad. I'm hoping the next few weeks will present savings for other Pillsbury items like the pizza dough. I'll be watching...

I'm no Kroger insider or coupon guru, but I'm going to make an educated guess that February will be a good time to stock up on Pillsbury products and that Sunday, February 21 may be the ideal day for savings. Hmmmm, how does she know this, you ask?

In December and January, Kroger hosted "mega events" the last week of the month starting on a Sunday. These give you savings of usually $5 instantly if you buy a designated amount of chosen products. And last month Kraft had a special: buy 5 designated Kraft products and get $5 off your next trip. These two events overlapped for one day only and made it possible to not only get free products but "make money." See how here.

Pillsbury has a similar promotion now through February 21. Buy 4, get $2, buy 5, get $3, or buy 6, get $4 off your next trip to Kroger. The nice thing is you can mix and match products including crescents, cookies, sweet rolls, biscuits, pie crusts, dinner rolls, loaves, breadsticks and pizza crust. All items must be purchased in one shopping trip, and I think you can only get one per day or at least per transaction, but you could earn savings every time you shop. These are Catalina coupons that will only print after your transaction is complete but are usually good for 2 or 3 weeks.

Since Pillsbury coupons seem to be in every Sunday newspaper and among most internet printable sites like here or here or here, you shouldn't have a problem finding a coupon for every item you buy. Just make sure you don't use more than two IP (internet printable) coupons per product, per transaction--new Kroger rule. But you can use as many from the paper as you can gather. And since most of these are $.50 or below, Kroger will double them.

The other way to save on Pillsbury is with Shortcuts and Cellfire (electronic coupons saved directly to your Kroger Plus card). I would advise you to load as many as you can now and then check back every couple of weeks to add more. Cellfire should be adding more Feb. 9. I currently have $6.80 from Cellfire and $4.90 from Shortcuts of potential Pillsbury savings. Make sure you print out lists from both sites so that you can match up coupons and e-savers, being careful to buy 2 as many of the coupons or e-savers require. Also check the expiration dates for both; some of mine expire Feb. 8, others Feb. 22.

Here's an example of how you could save (not sure of specific prices). Say I find crescents are on sale for $1.80, pizza crust for $2, and cinnamon rolls for $1.50. If I buy 2 of each, I can use a $.50/2 coupon for crescents, a $.40/2 for pizza crust, and $.40/2 for cinnamon rolls (those doubled = $2.60 savings). Shortcuts gives me an additional $3 savings. Since I'm buying 6, I'll get a $4 coupon at check-out. That's like getting all 6 products for just one dollar or $.16 each! I could be way off on the sale prices but you never know!

So if I'm correct in my prediction, Kroger will be hosting a mega event that includes Pillsbury products Feb. 21 - 27. If you go Feb. 21, you can still get in on the Pillsbury promotion. If you can pare a sale, a coupon that's doubled, an e-saver, a mega-event and a discount on future trips, you could save big. You just have to be patient and wait for the sale (hint: it's not this week!). But just in case I'm wrong about the Feb. 21 prediction, you might want to jump on any sales between now and then and buy at least 6 at a time. Hey, I've got no crystal ball! ;-)

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