Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to Get $25 of goods for almost FREE

Thanks to some tips from Coupon Katie, I've just returned from Walgreens having scored some good deals. With sales, coupons, and register rewards, I got $25 of products for $6.72 and left with $6 in RR for next time. Here's how.

Neosporin Lip Health is on sale for $8/2. When you use 2 $3 printables found here, you get a $3RR at check-out. That's like a $1 money maker.

Wet Ones are on sale for $4/2. When you use 2 $1.50 printables found here, you get a $1RR at check-out. Now you've gotten those for FREE.

Scope Mouthwash is on sale for $7/2. From the paper, I had one $1 and one $.75 coupon. After the $2RR you earn, that was like getting them for $1.62 each.

Since Valentine's Day is coming up and the Walgreens weekly flyer has a coupon for $.99 a box, I bought 3 packs for half price. Since I now have more items than coupons, I can use two register rewards I earned last week for $2.50 and $2: 9 items, 9 coupons.

The total before coupons is about $25; after coupons, it's $6.72 and I'm leaving with $6 in register rewards for next week. Not bad.

And here's a good tip if you plan to do the weekly Walgreens specials. Make friends with the clerks; know their names and address them with a smile when you enter the store. And whenever possible, help them out. I noticed my friendly clerk Rusty (who's been working at Walgreens for 50 years) was buying some Campbell's soups. I gave her the Walgreen's coupon and a $1.50/3 printable, making them $1 a can for her. She was thrilled. A little goes a long way. ;-)

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