Saturday, July 2, 2011

Is it time to pick blueberries? Maybe not!

After our super blueberry picking experience last year at Bob and Maxine Falls Blueberry Farm in Maryville, I've been eagerly planning our return.

So I called them a few days ago and they gave me the scoop. They officially opened this past Thursday, but they hope to have berries in season for 6 weeks (to mid August). But before you rush off to harvest, consider this. They said the berries right now are pretty tart, great for pies, not as good for just eating. They advised waiting 2-4 weeks for the sweetest berries and biggest crops (mid to late July). They get sweeter in the season, they advised.

So head that way now if you must, but I'd suggest waiting. I will be. Here is all the information, which I confirmed:

Maxine and Bob Falls Blueberry Farm
111 Harmon Rd. Maryville, Tn 37804
(865) 982-3457
Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday 6:30am-8:30pm.
1.25/lb when you pick them yourself and 2.50/lb if you just stop in to purchase them. They also have a few baked goods.
They're located about 10 minutes beyond McGhee Tyson Airport.

Will you be going to a different blueberry farm? Have you picked berries yet? How are the berries at the Fruit and Berry Patch?


  1. I go to a patch off Bluegrass. Great blueberries there.

  2. I heard they were hit with a lot of storm damage. How do the berries look now?