Friday, February 11, 2011

How I'm feeding others from the pantry

I was a bit concerned when I took on the February Eat from the Pantry Challenge, that I would not be able to find meals suitable for giving away. I often take food to others in need because it gives me joy: the mother who just had a baby, the neighbor who broke her arm, the friend I've been meaning to invite to dinner. With a little creativity, I haven't missed a beat.

We invited the friends to dinner just as Bob made a big batch of chili. There was plenty to share and freeze for later. Fresh bread and salad made it more nutritious.

I did the same thing with a big batch of stew for my neighbor. I also made homemade cornbread and fresh brownies.

Yesterday I took tuna noodle casserole, fresh bread, and chocolate pudding to a new mom. Thanks to matching coupons to sales, I got most of the ingredients for free or under a dollar.
  • The pudding I made from a box in the pantry (got it on sale for $.50).
  • The tuna I got for free.
  • The pasta was free.
  • The can of cream of chicken soup was free.
  • The homemade breadcrumbs I added on top were free.
  • The frozen peas I added were $.50.
  • The most expensive item was half a loaf of fresh bread that I allowed myself to buy through perimeter shopping: $1.25.
And the best part was that I had all the ingredients on hand, I wanted to use them up, and it was easy enough to double so that I had dinner for my family too with no extra effort.

How are you getting creative with eating from the pantry?

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