Friday, February 4, 2011

Shopping United Grocery Outlet: my experience

For the past year, I've been planning to check out one of the United Grocery Outlets, a discount grocery chain, because I heard they sometimes have great deals on organic food. There are stores in Halls, Alcoa, Chapman Highway, Lenoir City, and Oak Ridge. Since I was already planning to go to Mother Goose on Thursday in Oak Ridge and it's right down the road, I decided today was the day.

First impressions can be hard to shake. So if you walk in, take one look and turn around, I don't blame you. The nicest way I can put it is that it doesn't give you the warm and fuzzies. That's ok. I'm here for deals. Keep walking.

It's a small store and within 10 minutes, I'd scanned every shelf. I will say that if you're not interested in clipping coupons or waiting for sales, the prices are reasonable. But almost every item I saw, I thought, "I can do better." I think it's one of those hit or miss experiences and it depends on the most recent shipment.

The produce looked abysmal, and I didn't trust the freshness of the meat. The best deal I could find was Breyers ice cream for $1.99, but I wasn't in the market for ice cream. I bought a bunch of bananas (only because we're low and I'm not going to Kroger for 4 more days) for $1.13. Good thing it wasn't out of my way. I doubt I'll be heading back any time soon.

Have you shopped at United Grocery Outlets? Which ones? What did you think?

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