Friday, February 4, 2011

Potty training regression & rebound

It's been about a month since our soon to be 2-year-old Brooke began potty training. It was her idea, not mine. We've had some set-backs (usually at least one accident a day) but generally we're moving in the right direction.

Then two days ago, she had nothing but accidents. The first was in Chick Fil-A. The second was in her carseat driving from Chick Fil-A. Since she was on the last pair of clean pants I had with me, I resorted to a pull-up for an hour before we could get home. That too was wet.

Once home I figured, she'd be fine. Wrong. I think I cleaned up seven, count 'em SEVEN, spots with the shop vac. By 5pm, I was so frustrated, I put her back in a cloth diaper. I felt like such a failure.

Yesterday was hit or miss, but last night she developed a fever. Home bound we were. I let her wear her favorite two piece pajamas without undies and she managed to have her FIRST full day of no accidents. Here she is feeling crappy, me holding her probably four hours of the day, and she made a point to get to the potty in time. Maybe she just didn't want to dirty her P.J.s. If that's the case, she'll be wearing those P.J.s everywhere we go for weeks! JK.

Remind me, oh wise ones, is this regression and rebounding normal? What potty training memories stand out for you?

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