Sunday, June 6, 2010

Couponing for Charity 6/6-12 & Update #12

If you're new to Couponing for Charity, click here. If you're on the edge of your seat waiting for this week's picks, the good news is there are a few deals; the bad news is I couldn't find any true freebies at Walgreen's or CVS. So if you want to take a week off, this would be a good one.

Coupon Katie hasn't posted her picks yet; so I checked Southern Saver's match-ups for Walgreen's and CVS. There are several ECB and RR programs, but most of them involve spending lots of money and then getting some of that back or the true deals require me to submit a rebate form. Frankly I don't need most of those items, and if it's not truly free, I'll pass. I'm not opposed to rebates, but I often forget or lose the form, receipt, or both before I get around to it.

That didn't stop me from heading to CVS and Walgreen's today though. Here's what I bought at CVS:

1 CVS grape flavored Children's Tylenol alternatives: $5.29 (My son still has a fever since I first posted about kids' medicines and has declared he will only take grape now--kids!)
1 CVS brand sunscreen (2oz version with zinc oxide for the face): 3.99; click here to see why this has been rated one of the best sunscreens.

1 $4ECB from previous trip
1 $2ECB fro previous trip
1 $1/1 CVS sunscreen printed at the kiosk
Total spent: $3.05
Total saved: $7.00

A surprise bonus at check-out was $5ECB off $15 purchase before June 9. Now I'm not sure I want to go back this week, but I'll give it some thought.

I then headed to Walgreen's for the Starbucks frappucino, Kellogg's, and Cascade deals. I had trouble with the Starbucks printable and so thought the $1 coupon I got in the paper would suffice. Nope. That's $1/4, making each well over $.25; so I passed. Here's what I did buy:

Transaction #1:
1 Cascade action paks: $3.99; get $1RR
1 Kashi cereal: $2.50
1 Raison Bran Crunch cereal: $2.50; buy 2 Kashi or Kellogg's; get $2RR
1 $.50/1 Cascade from Home Made Simple
1 $1/1 Kashi from back of a previous box
1 $1/1 Kellogg's Raison Bran from the back of a previous box (these coupons and RR made each box $.50!)
Total Spent: $7.25
Total Saved: $7.98
Total RR for another time: $3

Transaction #2:
1 Cascade action paks
2 boxes of Special K
1 $.50/1 Cascade from Home Made Simple
1 $1/2 Special K cereals
1 $2.50RR from previous trip
Total Spent: $5.75
Total Saved: $7.28
Total RR for another time: $3

Transaction #3:
1 Cascade action paks
2 boxes of Special K
1 News Sentinel
1 $.50/1 Cascade from Home Made Simple
1 $1/2 Special K cereals
1 $2RR from previous trip
Total Spent: $8.25
Total Saved: $6.78
Total RR for another time: $3

A note about Walgreen's register rewards: If you decide to do multiple transactions like I did, make sure you don't use a RR you just earned to get the deal again. Often they will not print again if you do that. Also, since you have to get the product to coupon ratio correct each time, lower value register rewards are not as desirable, but they could allow you to pick up some cheaper items like pasta that you don't have coupons for. They're also good to pay for your Sunday paper.

Normally, I would keep all the items listed above (especially since none of them were free), but I've decided to donate 2 boxes of Special K since they were only $1 each after coupons and rewards. I was stoked to get the Kashi and Raison Bran for $.50 each, but we're keeping those. I'm going to be speaking with a group of women, teaching them how to work the deals, towards the end of the month, and I want to show that you can get cereal for low prices if you're patient.

UPDATE 6/9/10: Yesterday I ran into CVS to take advantage of my $5 off $15 ECB expiring today and was delighted to get another $2ECB at the kiosk. Along with two bottles of sunscreen, I picked up 3 bottles of Dawn Hand Renewal (on sale for $.97 and I used 3 $1/1 coupons from mailer--making them free). I'll be donating two of those.

Total products to donate this week: 2 boxes of cereal, 2 bottles of dish soap
Total value of these products: $9 ($1.99 regular price of Dawn; not sure of the regular price of the cereal)
Total spent for these products: $2 (cost of cereal after coupons and RR; the soap was free since they deducted only $.97 each)

Total products to donate to date: 5 tubes toothpaste, 5 deodorants, 2 bars of soap, 1 hand soap, 2 dish soap, 9 body wash, 3 shampoo, 1 conditioner, 1 heat wrap, 5 feminine care, 1 lip balm, 2 toothbrushes, 1 barrette, 1 box of tissues, 1 box of vitamins, 2 boxes of cereal
Total value of products to date: $141.03
Total spent to date: -$12.70

What deals did you find this week?

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