Friday, June 4, 2010

Kids' Medicine: Refunds, Replacements, & Removal

If you missed the massive recall on several children's medications a month ago, click here. The list included Children's Tylenol, Motrin, Zyrtec, and Benadryl. All of them have, of course, been removed from shelves; only the generic versions remain. But you probably have some of these in your medicine cabinet. This page also gives details for how to get a refund for what you currently have in stock.

REFUNDS: A few weeks ago I submitted the easy online form for one Tylenol, one Motrin, and three boxes of Zyrtec. I was stunned to get a check in the mail for $93. They certainly didn't cost that much (especially since they were all bought on sale with coupons), but perhaps this is also "go away and be quiet money." Since I never plan to sue, that's fine with me. If you haven't submitted for your refunds, I'd suggest doing it now.

REPLACEMENTS: I was so proud of submitting for the refund so quickly that I forgot to restock with generic alternatives. When my son woke up with a 102.3 fever, I was wishing I had. Though I had planned to skip CVS this week, I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to use some of the $20 in ECBs I've earned the past few weeks. I can't use manufacturer's coupons, I can't wait for a sale, and why would they ever go on sale anyway with no competition on the shelves?

Hoping to take advantage of Coupon Katie's tip on clearance diapers, I headed to the 24 hour CVS in Powell. I bought the Tylenol alternative for $5.29 and the Motrin alternative for $4.99. They didn't have any diapers on clearance, but they are selling the CVS brand of overnights for $5.99 ($4 off and you get a $2ECB; limit 1). Those three items totaled $16.27 before tax; using $16 of my ECBs, I paid $1.77 and walked out with another $2ECB. Gosh, that's fun.

REMOVAL: Now there's the question of what do I do with all the recalled medications. Please, please, please DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE TRASH. Do you really want recalled medicine getting into our water supply?! All extra medications, even over-the-counter medicines, can be properly disposed of by the police. They told me all about the incineration process at Earthfest. I understand there's a drop-off box outside the Knoxville police headquarters at 800 Howard Baker Jr. Ave.--though I haven't verified this personally yet. The next time I'm downtown, either enjoying the Worlds Fair Park fountains or the Market Square farmers' market, I'll be sure to swing by.

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