Saturday, June 5, 2010

Couponing for Charity Update #11

I know I said I was going to skip CfC this past week, but I ended up caving and going in for a few deals. So that I'm up to date on my spending and saving, here's what I picked up this week at Walgreen's. Note: All of these deals expire at midnight tonight:

1 Puffs Plus (normally $1.59, $.99 with in store coupon and then FREE with $1/1 coupon in Vocal Point mailer)
Kotex pads (on sale for $3.49; get $2.50RR; used $1/1 printable to make this FREE)
A-Z Siler Vitamins (on sale for $2; get $2RR; so FREE)

I used a few $1 Barilla pastas to make my coupon/product ratio this week, but that's a good price and our family eats a pound a pasta like that! For our family, I picked up some deals on Oxiclean as well. So here are my totals for charity:

Total products to donate this week: 1 box of tissues, 1 pack of feminine pads, 1 box of vitamins
Total value of these products: $7.08 (not sure of the regular price of pads and vitamins)
Total spent for these products: $0

Total products to donate to date: 5 tubes toothpaste, 5 deodorants, 2 bars of soap, 1 hand soap, 9 body wash, 3 shampoo, 1 conditioner, 1 heat wrap, 5 feminine care, 1 lip balm, 2 toothbrushes, 1 barrette, 1 box of tissues, 1 box of vitamins
Total value of products to date: $132.03
Total spent to date: -$14.70

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