Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Invasion of Pantry Moths

Part of me doesn't want to write this post because it's admitting my house is not the model of cleanliness. Newsflash--I'm a terrible maid! I like to think I have other redeeming qualities that overshadow this flaw and that it's better to have happy, healthy, well-adjusted kids than a spotless house.

But that philosophy came as no comfort when I opened up my pantry to discover not one, not two but probably 50 moths circling our food. I know---eeewww!!! I've never seen these moths before and had to go online to discover there is such a creature as the PANTRY MOTH. Of course the first line of defense to pantry moths is good housekeeping. Yeah, yeah, yeah, what else you got?! ;-) I liked this post for inexpensive and safe ways to handle pantry moths. I find it weird putting rice and crackers in the fridge, but I liked the natural defense of putting bay leaves around the cupboard.

Last night Bob and I spent two hours emptying the pantry, vacuuming up every moth in sight, scrubbing surfaces with a bleach solution, and checking every box for foreign invaders. Probably the most important find was where they were laying egg sacks--in the tiny holes that are used to adjust the shelves to different heights. Again, eeewwww! I'll admit it was time for me to check my stock and purge a few items anyway, and it feels good to have an entirely empty shelf. My wish for you is that you don't wait for unwanted visitors to motivate you to clean.

Have you ever had pantry moths? What did you do to fight them? Please reassure me that they do go away!

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