Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Are you deep frying a turkey?

I myself have never deep fried a turkey for Thanksgiving, but I hear really good praise on the taste front. There is an environmental conundrum, however, (beyond the threat of setting your neighborhood on fire). What to do with all that used vegetable oil?!

PLEASE, DO NOT JUST PUT IT IN THE TRASH! Instead, turn it into biofuel! How?

Between Nov. 29 and Dec. 6, you can drop off your used oil in any non-glass container at a number of locations:

Halls Convenience Center:
3608 Neal Road
Dutchtown Convenience Center:
10618 Dutchtown Road
John Sevier Convenience Center:
1810 John Sevier Hwy
Knoxville Household Hazardous Waste:
1033 Elm St
Earth Fare (Bearden):
140 N Forest Park Blvd
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy Office:
3804 Middlebrook Pike

Clean Energy Biofuels will in turn recycle it into biodiesel. How cool is that?!

Let me know if you plan to contribute.

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