Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our Voyage on the Titanic

Last night my family and I were graciously invited as mommy blogging guests to enjoy the kick-off of Titanic's Christmas Winter Wonderland in Pigeon Forge. Every Friday and Saturday at 7pm through January 1, they will have real snow outside the Titanic. And my son Bobby, who ran after the snowflakes, can attest it is real snow that melts on your tongue.

Having never toured the new museum, I was very excited about the opportunity. Unfortunately, traffic was much heavier than expected, and our time to tour the ship was limited. I would recommend allowing 1.5 hours to go through the exhibit to really immerse yourself in the experience. I was impressed by the staff dressed in period costume and playing their parts as captain, stewards, and hostesses very well.

My favorite part was the grand staircase. It's a gorgeous replica with intricate woodwork. I've seen the movie several times and have fantasized about descending those stairs myself. Even though I had to take the elevator with the stroller, I did do a quick Kate Winslet descent on my own.

The kids loved touching the sheet of ice representing the iceberg and feeling the 28 degree water. "Cold!" Devin exclaimed. "Imagine trying to swim in that!" "No way!" he declared. Definitely the kid favorite was the "Tot-Tanic" display where they could experience the different inclines as the ship sank, sit in a life-size row-boat replica, and try to steer the ship away from the iceberg. Bobby spun and spun the wheel but still grazed it. Devin swears he missed it and was very proud of himself for doing so. I was running after Brooke at the time and couldn't confirm his conquest over big brother, but he can't stop talking about it. This is also where you can take a green screen picture that puts you on the grand staircase. I wish we'd had time to view it, but the big show was starting.

Out in the parking lot, the grand festivities began with choral singers, majestic camels and kings, snow from a snow machine, and fireworks. Brooke was starting to lose it since it was nearly her bed-time, but we rallied.

I would highly recommend checking out the museum when the traffic isn't at its peak or allowing extra time. Kids might do better during the day for the tour but then you could come back later for the snow if you're in the area. It's suggested you buy your tickets in advance since they do sell out quickly.

Oh, and thanks, Gabe, for the picture. Still can't find my camera....

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