Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Walgreen's, oh Walgreen's, you're beginning to lose your luster!

I've been shopping the pharmacy deals at Walgreen's and CVS for a year and a half now. It took me awhile to get down some strategies and learn which deals to get and which to pass by. And although I do save about 80% at Walgreen's regularly, I'm beginning to feel less impressed with their deals.

Lately it seems they don't have the deals I really want (not just that the shelves are cleared but the store was never sent the stock). It's like they publicize a deal to get me in there and then don't deliver. Plus, a lot of their freebies are for products I'll never use and seem too specific to donate. I've had to struggle a few times to find deals worth spending my RRs on. If it happened once, fine. But it has become a pattern now and I'm beginning to feel it's just not worth it.

Fear not, however, I have not sworn off couponing. I still think CVS has great deals. I much prefer that their store credit coupons last twice as long as Walgreen's, you can shop for two weeks of deals on Saturday night, and rainchecks for deals with ECBs are easier. I also like their extra deals that print at the kiosk; it's like a mini lottery without having to pay money.

Is it just me or have your experiences at Walgreen's been less productive or fun lately? Do you prefer Walgreen's or CVS?

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