Friday, March 26, 2010

Board Games for a Buck

Yesterday in my "free Easter candy" post, I mentioned a good deal on board games at Target good through tomorrow, 3/27. Thanks to Frugalissa, another great money-saving blogger, the deal is even better. Here's how I got 4 full-size board games for just $4.

Target has Connect 4 and Classic Monopoly on sale for $7. You can click here for a $4 coupon for Connect 4 and a $5 coupon for Monopoly--both from manufacturers. Print each twice so that you can buy 2 of each. Since Target allows you to "stack coupons"--using a manufacture's coupon and a Target only coupon for the same item--you can save $6 more with 2 $3/1 coupons found here. You should be able to print 2 at one time; I printed both of mine at different times.

If you prefer to buy Battleship instead, it's on sale for $9, you can find a $4 manufacturer's coupon at the same link above and you can use the $3 Target coupon too--bringing your total to just $2 a game. Since I opted for Connect 4 and Monopoly, I got 2 Connect 4 games for free and 2 Monopoly games for $2 each, bringing my total to $4 for 4 games, or a dollar a game.

Two more tips: If they're out of stock at the store, ask for a raincheck for the number of games you want. You can bring that in within 45 days to get the advertised price. If you forget a coupon like I did, you can bring your receipt and the coupon back to a store within 7 days, and they'll give you the full value of the coupon in cash. Finally, these coupons expire between 4/11 and 4/15; so get your deals now.

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