Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dollar Deals at Kroger til 3/27

It looks like Kroger is continuing their mega sale the week of 3/21 - 3/27, which should mean that most of these deals are still good. However, I don't know about the Annie's and now the chicken breasts without bone is on sale for $1.99/lb.

I finally returned to Kroger after my week's sabbatical, and I'm happy to report I saved 55% ($140.33) today. Look for the mega deals that take $4 off 8 selected items. Remember you have to buy exactly 8 or increments of them to get the full savings; so mark them on your list as you add them to the cart. Prices below are assuming you qualify for the Mega Sale. And since the Cart Buster sale is still going on, you can still take advantage of most of the sales I noted in this post (like free Chex Mix and granola bars). A lot of the deals cost me less than a dollar after sales and coupons; here are my best finds.

Tyson bone-in chicken breasts are $.99/lb, which works out to about $3 for 3 breasts--a great deal. For tips on preparing and stretching 6 breasts over 4 meals, click here. Today I bought 6 packages, froze 4, and am roasting 2 with lemon pepper as I type. It smells wonderful.

Two of my favorite pastas are about as cheap as you can find them. Annie's organic mac n cheese is only $.50 a box. This is a staple in my house and I bought 26 boxes, but I promise I left LOTS of boxes for the rest of you! And if you're looking for a few items to total 8, this is a good item to add at the end of your trip.

Ronzoni pastas are also $.75 each. I like the Smart Taste penne and rotini and saved an additional $1/2 with coupons found here; now they have a $.75/1 coupon--which would make them free. I paid only $.25 though. But remember you can only use 2 internet printable coupons per product, per trip. I'm not sure if you can use multiple Ronzoni coupons for different types of pasta. Comment below if you've tried.

Sargento cheese was $.99 for 8 oz of shredded varieties. I had 2 $.40 coupons that doubled, making those $.19 each (can't seem to find them on the internet now).

Kens salad dressing is $1.49 each; use a $1/2 from the paper to make them $.99 each.

Classico sauces are $1.49 each and with this $1/2 coupon, they're only $.99 each.

Motts apple juice is $.99 each. Kroger had sent me a $1/2 coupon, making mine only $.49 each.

Certain types of Speed Stick deodorant were $1; with a $.50 coupon, I got that free. Irish Spring 3 bar packs were also $1; with a $.50/2, those were $.50 each.

You can also get Nature Valley Nut Clusters for $.29 (on sale for $2.29, use $1 coupon, and $1 e-saver from Cellfire or Shortcuts).

And though this doesn't qualify for my "dollar deals," I am most excited about a random find: laminated Knoxville and TN maps for just $3 (70% off). They were in a bin near the books and greeting cards. It's great to keep these in your car, and they last forever.

My total spent was $121.69 (just under budget for the week). What finds did I miss?


  1. how did u get Annies for .50 cents? With a coupon?

  2. No coupon necessary. Most varieties of Annies are on sale for $.99. When you buy any 8 participating mega deal products (you can buy 8 boxes or 1 box and 7 other deals), you save $.50 a product, thus making them actually $.49 a box.

  3. I found it today. I don't think I have ever seen Annie's mac that cheap...I only got 8 boxes since the kids don't eat a lot of M&C. But it will come in handy for hubby to make for them if I am not home or for a super quick meal.

  4. Nice! Free deorodant! I really like speed stick. That's great.