Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pulling Weeds is Therapeutic

I'm no gardener but I love to garden: planting, harvesting, eating earth's bounty. Today's weather calls for "abundant sunshine" and a high of 66. Our entire family will be outside today planting our first round of vegetables. Our pea seedlings are already 8 inches high and wrestling each other; outside they go. We'll also be planting more seeds to thrive in our "guest room green house." My husband has it all planned out with staggered crops to maximize the small amount of space we have: four 4x4 beds. All I know is part of my job today will definitely consist of pulling weeds and that suits me just fine.

Do you know that feeling when you pull a weed and it emerges from the soft ground roots intact? It's just as good as popping air bubbles in packing plastic but way better for the environment. Yesterday I started pulling weeds that had been growing since the snow melted. They were competing with the bulbs we planted last fall, and I can't have weeds crowding and taking away from their beauty! One after another, I felt better and better. Since we've have rain lately, the ground is soft but not muddy--the perfect time to spruce up outside. And while you're at it, let the kids give it a try--what a great chore for them. Between the sunshine, an improved yard, and the endorphins from pulling weeds, it's like free therapy.

So if it's even for just 10 minutes, go pull some weeds today.

P.S. Mom, this is not your cue to pull out the Round-up. Give the organic way a shot! ;-)

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