Monday, January 3, 2011

Couponing for Charity 1/2-8

The holidays are over and it's back to "work" saving money. I hope you're able to get a few of these deals this week. I waited til now to post so that I could share my "reality check" of couponing. Nothing ever goes as planned, sot please don't be discouraged when you make mistakes. We all do!

If you have time for only one store this week, I'd suggest Walgreen's.

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The deal I'm most excited about is the homeopathic children's flu medicine that's a money maker. Frugalissa Finds highly recommends it and says it really worked when her family took it a few weeks ago. She says the children's is the same as the adult; so I decided to buy two. They were all out of the Electrasol Finish tabs (would be free) and they didn't have the size and type of Pull-ups I buy (better deal than at CVS); you might have better luck. Here were my scenarios.

Transaction #1:
  • 1 Oscillococciunum children's flu medicine (normally $14.49, on sale for $8.99, get $9RR, use $2 printable=$2MM.) Note: I tried to use the $5 coupon in the Walgreen's January coupon book, but it beeped. The manager said that could only be used for the adult version (not a freebie this week). The description did not stipulate "adult only" but I didn't argue. Especially since the printable beeped as well. I fear this may be a bogus coupon since it's a PDF, has a high value, and has a far-off expiration date. You can decide if you want to try it.
  • 3 Hunts tomato sauce ($1 with flyer coupon); I had picked 3 because I thought I would be able to use the $5 WC and because I had at $2RR from last week.
  • Used $2 Osc. printable
  • Used Hunts flyer coupon
  • Used $2RR from last week
Total spent: $6.90
Total saved: $11.47
RR earned: $9

Transaction #2:
  • 1 Omega Factor-3 tablets (normally $24.99, on sale for $10, get $10RR=free) Note: Since I've heard good things about adding omega-3 to your diet, I decided to try these. It's not the type of thing I would donate. I'm finding some organizations are wary of accepting medicines or vitamins.
  • Used $9RR from Tr.#1
Total spent: $1.93
Total saved: $23.99
RR earned: $10

Transaction #3:
  • 1 Osc. flu medicine
  • 3 Honey Nut Cheerios (normally $4.79, on sale for $1.99, used $.55 printable=$1.44 each)
  • Used $2 Osc. MC
  • Used $10RR from Tr.#2
  • Used 3 $.55 Honey Nut Cheerios coupons. Note: When I looked over my receipt and saw that only 2 of these coupons were credited, I asked them to re-ring and credit me for the $.55. Only now do I realize it was because I had exceeded the coupon/product ration. My bad, Walgreens.
Total spent: $3.15
Total saved: $27.55
RR earned: $9

Transaction #4:
  • 1 Salonpas arthritis patches (normally $8, on sale for $6, get $6RR=FREE) Note: I was on the fence about this deal. Hopefully I'll find someone who can use it.
  • 1 Crest 6.4 oz toothpaste (normally $2.49, on sale for $2, get $1RR, used $1MC=FREE)
  • 1 Walgreen's wax paper (normally $1.99, $.89 with flyer coupon)
  • 1 Wall calendar (I needed one and I was drawn to the island theme; ah, Hawaii!; normally $5.95, on sale for $2); If I had switched the wall calendar and cereal for these transactions, all would have worked.
  • Used $1 Crest
  • Used wax paper ad coupon
  • Used $9RR from Tr.#3
Total spent: $1.95
Total saved: $13.59
RR earned: $6, $1 (will save for next week)

Grand total spent: $13.93
Total saved: $76.60
RR for next week: $7 (all and all, a good week)

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I couldn't find any cheap Revlon tools, I had forgotten my B1G1 Special K coupon, and I couldn't find the single packets of Nescafe. Here is what I did buy:

  • 2 Rembrandt toothpaste ($7 each; used 2 $3 printables)
  • 2 double packs of Reach toothbrushes ($3 each; used 2 $1 printables) Note: I should have used a B1G1 and a $1 printable, but I forgot. All four should have been free with coupons and ECBs (For every $10 on these products, you earn $5ECB) It kills me I actually paid for oral hygiene products, but no one's perfect.
  • 1 Huggies pullups (normally $12, on sale for $9, get $1ECB, use $2 printable=$6) Not the best price, but again, Walgreen's didn't have them and I need them.
  • Used 2 $3 Rembrandt printables
  • Used 2 $1 Reach printables
  • Used $19.99 ECBs earned from previous trips
  • I forgot the $2 pull-ups coupon, but he later gave me $2 cash; thanks, CVS!
Total spent: $3.13
Total saved: $41.15
ECBs for future: $11

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I had tried to get cheap Softsoap, but the coupon Sunday's paper was the wrong size. I did get 4 FREE containers of Athenos hummus and 4 boxes of Kashi cereal for $.99. Click links for my posts on those at I will be donating the hummus to our church feast of lights dinner on Thursday. (They are normally $2.99 each, on sale for $.98 each, coupons made 4 FREE).

Since it's a new year and I have a new batch of donations, the totals will begin new:

ITEMS I'M DONATING THIS WEEK: 1 box of pain patches, 1 toothpaste, 4 containers of hummus

Is all this too much information, too intimidating, or helpful? Please give me feedback!

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