Saturday, January 22, 2011

Show & Tell has certainly evolved

This past week was finally my son's turn to be "camper of the week" for his first grade class. That meant he got to be line leader, have his picture on the board, and bring something into school on Friday for a special show and tell.

He's been talking about this since the first week. What would he bring? Other kids brought pets. "Can we bring Jessie?" he asked. "She's a big dog, honey. Has anyone else brought a dog?" "No, just animals in a cage." That closed that door.

As we got closer to what he could bring in that was really unique, we had an epiphany. "What about bringing your solar powered vehicle?" "Yeah! That would be great!" he beamed. The kit we bought from Young Explorers includes components for building 8 different vehicles and was designed to demonstrate the concept of solar technology. Sun hits the panels and transfers photon energy into mechanical energy that turns a few propellers. No, it can't fly or even drive itself, but it's a neat tool to demonstrate the concept.

So yesterday (upon his request that I be there), I got to watch my 7 year old proudly demonstrate this toy and talk about the importance of renewable energy. It's a common topic in our house, since hubby works with solar panels. The kids all seemed interested and my son felt like a king. To the kids, the idea of renewable energy made complete sense. Hopefully they'll grow up to believe solar is just a smarter choice. It was awesome.

So what do your kids take in for show and tell?

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