Wednesday, August 18, 2010

FREE Pizza: Worth the Wait?

You know you're in for a worthwhile treat when you see the news and two other coupon bloggers at an event. Thanks to Coupon Katie, I knew that The Pizza Kitchen in Farragut was celebrating 12 years of business by giving away FREE 8 inch cheese pizzas to every customer TODAY. Additional toppings are only $.50 each. They're open til 10pm; so you still have time!

I arrived as close to their open time as I could, but there was still a line out the door. When I asked Frugalissa if the wait was worth it, she replied, "Oh yeah!" After a few minutes inching my way to the front, I noticed Gabrielle from Couponing in Critical Times finishing her pizza. She said that you don't have to stand in line. If you just take a seat, a waiter will bring it to you. I then noticed a few people trapsing right in and walking out with to-go orders. Having already pushed my luck with trips to Staples, the Dollar Tree, Target, and the chiropractor with two kids in tow, I figured I needed to expedite this process.

So I stepped over to ask if they had any take n' bake pizzas ready to distribute. She said yes, and within minutes, I was out the door. For all you planning your strategy for getting free pizza quickly today, I'd recommend anything other than standing in line. For take-out, you can order online or use their DineBlast for mobile (I've never done either but it's worth a try). If you want to dine in, take a seat immediately. And don't forget to thank your waiters properly with a generous tip. After all, you just got a meal for free, and they'll be dog tired by the end of the day.

I haven't yet tasted the pizza because it's for the kids' dinner, but I'm looking forward to it. Their website details how they provide "world class food with hometown flavor." I liked how they slow cook their marinara sauce and use "a dough with a blend of whole grain wheat mixed with high gluten flour for a healthy texture and taste." It's local, it's healthy, and it's free. Get going!


  1. From beg. to end of the meal it was a little over an hour.

  2. We went later in the evening. It was busy but fast. I was glad to see such a great turnout for a local business. They ended up giving out over 2,600 pizzas!!