Sunday, October 17, 2010

Couponing for Charity 10/17- 23

Time to wrangle those deals again for yourself and/or for charity. I primarily post the non-perishable deals here--those ideal to donate to the food bank or non-profits. There are freebies this week at Walgreen's, CVS, and Kroger and I'll be shopping all three. If you're looking for the best candy deal and a free hand sanitizer, go to CVS. If you want to pick up a number of good deals and a few freebies, head to Walgreen's.

For Southern Saver's complete list of match-ups, go here. For a free hand sanitizing pen, go here. I'll be picking up that plus two packs of candy and a free razor. The cereal deal is better at Wags.

For Southern Saver's complete list of match-ups, go here. Scroll down to the bottom for a deal scenario. If you printed the $1.50 Coffee Mate coupon a few days ago, that's a money maker; they're now gone. I'll be getting the FREE nasal spray, lip ointment, cough drops, and body wash. I'll also get a few cans of cream of mushroom soup ($.29 each with coupons) and Kellogg's cereal ($1 each with coupons & RR)--great for your stockpile or donating.

If you're still looking for a costume or an accessory like a cape, there's a $5 coupon on the front of the flyer. Check out this scenario:

Transaction #1:
1 mucinex nasal spray: $7.99, get $7.99RR
1 blistex lip ointment: $2.59, get $2.59RR
You pay $10.58 plus tax; get $10.58RR (or you can use 2 RRs from a previous trip to make your OOP even less).

Transaction #2:
Find a costume that's $14.99.
2 Russell Stover chocolates: $.39 each
Use $5 off costume coupon.
Use $7.99RR and $2.59RR.
You pay $.19 plus tax.

You can do them in the same day and you don't have to worry about how to use your RR in the future. Pretty cool, huh?

For Southern Saver's complete list of match-ups, go here. I'll go for the free Crest toothpaste, Bumblee tuna, and $.30 Dial hand soap--all great donations.

Later in the week, I'll update my totals. Leave a comment if this inspired you to grab some deals for yourself or charity.

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