Saturday, October 23, 2010

A few tips for maneuvering Oakes Farm

We finally made it to Oakes Farm today for our annual family pumpkin patch & corn maze adventure. It's even better than before, and we had a blast! I did learn a few things that I thought I'd pass along for anyone still planning their trip.

1. Don't pay full price. The best deal I've seen is what I snagged a few weeks ago from Groupon: B1G1 admission tickets. It saved our family $16. Or go with a group of 20 or more and save $2 a ticket.

2. For those wanting the family adventure with young kids, a Saturday or Sunday is ideal. I had planned to go W-F at 6pm to get the free pumpkins, but only one hour of daylight isn't worth it. We spent 3.5 hours and still didn't do everything.

3. A 12:30pm arrival seemed to be a good time on a Saturday. Some of the first wave was already leaving but the afternoon crowd wasn't there yet. We parked four spaces from the entrance and waited in line for only 10 minutes. Later, the line looked to be closer to 45 minutes for tickets. The kids got a short nap on the way and were ready to go when we arrived.

4. Use your Ergo if you have a little one (under 2), especially if you plan to navigate the corn maze.

5. Pack a lunch. There are plenty of places to have a picnic lunch. Bringing your own saves lots of money.

6. Be a kid! The slides, pedal carts, and bouncing air mattress are a blast for adults too. Don't let your kids have all the fun!

7. If you live in north or northwest Knoxville, returning via Emory Road is just as fast as Washington Pike.

What was your favorite part of Oakes Farm?

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