Saturday, October 2, 2010

Birthday Cakes: Works of Art

It's birthday season in our house (both boys have birthdays within a week of each other), and I'm lucky to have two master cake craftsmen in the family. My mother-in-law is the primary artist, but my husband is her handy sidekick engineer. Whenever she needs a cake cut into a specific shape or given dimension, he's the man for the job. Now in their sixth year as a dynamic duo, I've learned to step back and busy myself with other skills like streamers and balloons.

The first cake is a three dimensional Bakugan. The picture doesn't do it justice. The other is a lizard, which Devin adores. He carries one or two with him everywhere he goes and tells me what he really thinks by sharing "what lizard thinks."

Neither of these cakes would qualify as "adorable" but the boys couldn't be more proud. Mission accomplished.


  1. oh goodness! my husband REALLY wants a chameleon for his bday and i am surprising him with a chameleon cake as well, haha.

    i really need your tips! i haven't been able to find easy chameleon cake recipes that are just basic cakes with frosting (i don't do that fancy stuff).

    the last cake looks like the perfect outline for the chameleon. any tips on what you used to bake that cake base, and what you used to frost it or decorate it?

    1. basically... a recipe? :) it looks like it turned out great and i can't find anything but when i googled it your blog post came up! just some tips on how you stuck the legs/tail on, and how that whole process worked would be swell.