Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Couponing for Charity 9/26-10/2 & Update #22

Sorry I've been a little slack in the reporting of deals and updates on my finds lately. I'll try to catch up here. I just delivered a box of goods to Iva's Place, with some of these deals in it, but for simplicity's sake, I'm starting my totals over for the next batch.

First of all, here are this week's deals. If you're going to pick one, head to Walgreen's, especially if you have some register rewards from previous shopping trips that might expire soon. Go here for Southern Saver's match-ups and here for Coupon Katie's picks. Here's what I bought today:

1 Highlands cold & cough children's medicine--all natural! ($5, get $5RR, used $1.50 printable here=$1.50MM; thanks, Katie! Note: You can only print one.)
1 Vicks Sinex spray ($6, get $2RR, used $4 MC from 9/26 paper=FREE)
1 EmergenC vitamin C packs ($3.50, get $3.50RR=FREE)
2 Wet Ones (normally $3 each, on sale for $2.50 each, used $1/2 Walgreens coupon in monthly book and $1/2 MC from October All You magazine = $1.50 each)
1 Fullbar ($1.99, get $1.99RR)
--Since I didn't have coupons for Fullbar and the vitamin C, I used a $2RR and $1RR from previous trips.

Total spent: $12.92
Total saved: $18.47
RRs for next time: $10.50

But wait, you say! You should have gotten $12.50 in RR! Important tip: always check your RRs before you leave the store. Thankfully I did and realized the RR for the Fullbar did not print. When I questioned it, I got a snippy attitude from the cashier that it must have been because I used a RR. The truth is that the Fullbar in the ad is a new product and they didn't have that specific one on the floor yet. So they refunded my $1.99 with tax ($2.17). So my actual total spent was $10.75 and they let me keep my savings from my RR.

Here's another important tip: if you don't see the deal, ask a manager. The EmergenC was not with the vitamins but near the lip balms--huh? and the Highlands and Vicks had been cleared out. He went in the back and found some more for me. Sweet! His extra effort made up for the snippy clerk.

For Southern Saver's CVS match-ups, go here. For Coupon Katie's CVS picks, go here. Excited about getting a FREE Oral B rechargeable toothbrush, I then headed to CVS. When I didn't see them and asked a manager, he simply replied, "We're all out." End of conversation. If I happen to be out at another part of town this week, I may try another store, but you should call ahead. The Olay deals were enticing but the coupons I had didn't match the items on sale. I also didn't get any of the Colgate coupons printed at the kiosk; so those weren't free. They don't carry the XL versions of HP ink cartridges; so that was no deal. Can you believe I walked out of CVS with nothing?! Sad but true. You can't win 'em all.

I didn't score any freebies at Kroger either, but Coupon Katie did. Check her list before heading out. And if you haven't heard, Kroger is no longer letting us "stack" paper coupons and digital coupons for the same product--it's one or the other. That will do away with a lot of deals, but I'll still shop there. I just warn you to think twice about which e-savers you load onto your card now, because you have to swipe your card before they run the paper coupons (to double them). So the digital saver will come off first and they probably won't honor the paper coupon. Paper coupons are usually the bigger saver since they can often be doubled.

Since I'll be keeping all of today's Walgreen's deals for our medicine cabinet, none of those will go towards my charity total. Here are the deals from previous weeks I had not yet totaled:

TOTAL PRODUCTS TO DONATE TO DATE: 1 lotion ($4.99--free with RR & coupons, 1 toothpaste ($2.99--free with RR & coupon), 2 heat wraps ($2.49 each--free with RR & coupon), 2 lip balms ($2.99--free with RR & coupon), 1 body wash ($5.99--$1MM with ECB and coupon), 1 shaving get ($3.99--free after ECB and coupon), 1 lipstick ($7.99--free with ECB and coupon)
TOTAL SPENT: -$1 (that's negative one dollar)

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