Friday, September 10, 2010

The "Don't Miss" Consignment Sale: 9/11

I'll admit Knoxville has a lot of consignment sales. I look at it as a way for everyone to spread out and choose the sale that's right for them. In my humble and somewhat biased opinion, I think the best consignment sale is sponsored by MOMS Club. Full disclaimer: I'm a member of MOMS Club and will be consigning at this sale.

That aside, I do have my Top 5 reasons for why this is the BEST consignment sale in Knoxville:
  1. The goods are largely from stay-at-home-moms of young children. They know what toys and clothes that are desirable and worth the effort to sell. We're all savvy shoppers and price our goods to sell. We don't want to lug all that stuff back home!
  2. We attract a lot of sellers because the take-home percentage is the highest I've seen.
  3. Though we are a non-profit, a strong element of the club is charitable giving. This is our largest fund-raiser of the year, and a portion of our sales will be donated primarily to local charities.
  4. The regular sale is busy but not a mad-house. I can't stress how this is the biggest draw for me because I've sworn off certain sales (which shall remain nameless) because they are sheer chaos. I work the morning shift and rarely see more than 4 people waiting in the check-out line.
  5. The half-price sale is VERY popular. Ok, the half-price sale does draw the true bargain hunters in by the swarms. So if you want the BEST deals, start lining up before noon and be prepared for slightly longer lines. And remember if it has a red dot on the tag, it does NOT sale for half price.

Here are all the details you need:
When: Saturday, September 11
Who: MOMS Club (Farragut and Northwest Knoxville chapters)
Where: Farragut United Methodist Church
12733 Kingston Pike, Farragut (closest to Watt Rd.)
Times: Regular sale: 8-11am; half-price sale: noon - 2:30pm
Directions: Unless you're in Farragut, I'd suggest taking 40 West, exit Watt Road, turn left and then another left onto Kingston Pike. The church is less than a minute down on your left.

I'll post pictures from the pre-sale later tonight. Hope to see you there.

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  1. Hi Margaret!

    It was great working with you this weekend. The Farragut chapter really enjoys collaborating with the Northwest chapter to make this sale a success each year. I wanted to spread the word that after the sale we had a huge donations pile. Maternity clothes benefited the Lisa Ross Birthing Center, toys went to the FISH pantry, and all those cute kids clothes went to Wesley's Attic for kids who can't afford clothes.

    Thanks to everyone who made this sale a success!