Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Couponing for Charity 9/5-11 & Update #21

Monday I posted this week's deals for charity and last night I had a chance to see what was really out there. Tip: If you shop at CVS TODAY, 9/8, your card should print out a $3 off $10 of groceries at the kiosk. The manager last night offered to let me use that a day early; so I got to save too. The term "groceries" might be a loose one, because I technically didn't have $10 of food items considering the sales prices but it didn't beep as invalid. Here are my finds, most of which are good through Saturday.

  • 1 big box Huggies (normally $22.99, on sale for $20, spend $25 of qualifying products, get $10ECB; limit 1)
  • 1 bottle Johnson & Johnson shampoo (normally $4.49, on sale for $2.50; is one of the qualifying products noted above)
  • 1 bottle Johnson & Johnson baby bubble bath & wash (same deal as shampoo; all three products qualified me for a $10ECB)
  • 1 Hydro razor ($8.97, get $4ECB; limit 1)
  • 1 Hydro shave cream ($3.99 but was free with a peelie coupon attached to the razor)
  • 2 Trident Layers gum (normally $1.49 each; on sale for $.99; get $.99ECB; limit 1)
  • 4 Kellogg's Raison Bran (normally $3.99; on sale through Tuesday for $1.77; now they'll cost $2.50 each; limit 4)
Total before coupons: $47.02
  • Used $3 Huggies printable here
  • Used $1/1 coupon from mailer for shampoo
  • Used $1/1 Johnson & Johnson printable here; note: the $2/2 printable won't work because the bedtime products are not on sale. The price for all three products after coupons and ECBs was $10.
  • Used $5 off Hydro razor from paper (ECBs and coupon makes it free)
  • Used "get free saving lotion when you purchase a razor" peelie attached to the razor, making the shaving cream free.
  • Used $1/2 Trident printable here (ECB and coupon made both free)
  • Used 2 $1/2 Kellogg's coupons from paper
  • Used $3 off $10 of grocery CVS coupon from kiosk
  • Used $20.99 in ECBs from previous shopping trips
Total paid with tax: $9.92
Total saved: $57.85
ECBs for next time: $14.99

At Kroger I saved 37% but only got one freebie which I'll be keeping: Reach dental floss. You can print two $1/1 Reach products here to get two free packs. When I did that last week, the catalina gave me another $1/1 Reach coupon which I used last night. Much to my surprise, they gave me yet another one. I'll keep "buying" as long as they're printing.

Since I didn't post about last week's finds, here are my totals for both weeks:

TOTAL PRODUCTS TO DONATE THIS WEEK: 2 tubes toothpaste ($.25 each after coupons & RRs), 2 feminine care (free after RRs), 2 lip balms (free after RRs), 3 deodorants ($.25 each after coupons), 1 razor (free after coupons and ECBs), 2 packs of gum (free after coupons and ECBs),
TOTAL VALUE OF PRODUCTS THIS WEEK: $28.91 (actually more but I don't have the non-sale prices on most)

TOTAL PRODUCTS TO DONATE TO DATE: 10 pens, 3 multi-purpose eye solutions, 1 shampoo, 8 feminine care, 1 pack of napkins, 1 pack of paper, 7 toothpastes, 2 toothbrushes, 4 deodorants, 2 first aid kits, 2 boxes of crayons, 1 fiber supplement, 2 razors, 2 lip balms, 2 packs of gum
TOTAL SPENT: --$17.28 (yep, that's negative)

What deals get you excited this week?

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  1. Hey Margaret! Congrats, you won the adorable hair clips from last week's Thankful Thursday giveaway on my blog. Send me an email at sharingsavingswithyou@yahoo.com so I can get your email. I'll send it on to the Etsy seller, so they can contact you for shipping info.
    Thanks for entering!