Tuesday, May 4, 2010

FREE Coupon Exchange Update

Five weeks ago I began a free coupon exchange at the Karns Library. I wasn't sure if anyone would take my extra coupons or if they'd even bother to glance at the box. I'm happy to report that according to the librarians, it has become a popular draw. Apparently lots of people are looking through them and taking a few, and a handful of people are contributing their own coupons. How awesome is that!

The three categories I have: "Expire Soon, " "You Have Time," and "Expired--for Military" get jumbled a bit, but I try to sort them out each week. Since I wasn't getting any takers on the expired coupons, I began removing them. Currently I'm trying to decide which military base to send them to; if you personally know of anyone in the military who could use them, please leave a comment.

The next time you're in the Karns Library, take a look, and if you have suggestions or feedback, please leave a comment. Have any of you done the same at other branches?

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