Sunday, May 9, 2010

FREE Massage for Moms 5/9-5/15

Thanks to Adventures in Momville for this tip: get a FREE hydromassage all this week. From Sunday, May 9 to Saturday, May 15, you can get a FREE 15 minute HydroMassage when you bring in a coupon found here. (If this just takes you to her main page, scroll down to her post and click through there.) This is a nationwide promotion; she has a link to all 900 locations. In Knoxville, there are two places with HydroMassage machines:

National Fitness Center
3030 Tazewell Pike
Knoxville, TN 37918

Sunset Tans & Spa
143 Brooklawn Street
Knoxville, TN 37922

"What's a HyrdroMassage?" you may ask. I'd never heard of it either. Apparently it's a new high-tech, hands-off approach to massage that uses water jets that don't even get you wet. As a matter of fact, I was fully clothed except my shoes when I took it for a test drive today. What better way to celebrate Mother's Day than with a free massage?! (My husband loved the idea too!)

When I called National Fitness Center, they said they were giving free 3 minute sessions, but Sunset said they would give me 15 minutes. Three minutes is just a teaser; so I headed to Farragut. I had never been to Sunset Tans and Spa before because indoor tanning isn't usually my thing. But I happily took the tour of all the services they had to offer.

They have two key areas of services: getting tan and getting fit. She walked me through the five levels of tanning beds as well as the stand-up version. If you're wary of the ultraviolet rays, you can get the automated spray-on tan. I was amused by the four positions, including The Egyptian, you presume for the perfect tan.

The four machines to "get fit" include a body wrap, a hydration station, the Vacu Step, and the HydroMassage machine. Though the coupon was for a totally free session, I did have to register some basic information and give my fingerprint to ensure any future packages I buy are enjoyed by just me.

The HydroMassage machine looks like an ordinary (if somewhat lumpy) bed. A screen allows you to select the level of pressure you prefer (1-10), the speed you want (1-4) and where on the body you want the massage (from head to toe or just portions in between). What's nice is you can modify it throughout the session. Another neat feature is a variety of media to entertain you: a video, music, or you can even cruise the internet.

I started out with a scuba diving video of the Cayman Islands. I love scuba diving, though we haven't been since our honeymoon in Bonaire 12 years ago. I hope the video isn't evidence of how much the Caribbean has deteriorated. The colors were all washed out and the colorful ocean I remember wasn't there. So I switched to just music and closing my eyes for the last part of the session.

They recommend to start with a lower pressure, but by the end, I was up to 10 and the fastest level. I also isolated my back by the last half of the massage. All and all, I thought it was a wonderful experience--definitely worth the $16.39 they usually charge. It's a nice idea for "a quickie massage" if you live or work nearby. And if you're one who doesn't revel in the idea of strangers touching you intimately, this is a great alternative. However, for me, this won't replace a human masseuse and the ability to really work out some tense areas.

But don't let this opportunity pass you by: stop by to try it for yourself and let me know what you thought.

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