Sunday, May 23, 2010

Seize the Deal Target Winner

Congratulations to Patti T.! She won the $250 Target gift card by signing up for FREE emails from Seize the Deal. What exactly is Seize the Deal? It's a new online way to save 50-90% on local services: entertainment, dining, spa treatments, etc. They hope to be offering daily deals in Knoxville within the next 30 to 45 days. The sooner more people sign up, the sooner the deals begin.

So here's basically how Seize the Deal works. Every day (starting at midnight and ending at midnight), they will feature only ONE hot deal for local restaurants, salons, spas, entertainment, adventures, or other services. On Fridays, the deal runs through the weekend. By leveraging "the power of the group," each deal is 50-90% off retail!

The only catch is there is a minimum amount of people that are needed for the daily deal to be "seized." If that number isn't met, nobody is out any money, but no one gets the deal. So if it's something you really want, you should share the details with your friends fast so that you can all reap the benefits.

You can sign up by clicking here. By doing so, you are helping support my writing and efforts to share good deals with you. Thank you!

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