Friday, May 14, 2010

Should you Buy Baby Formula off Craigslist?

Tonight local reporter / anchor Tearsa Smith of WATE did a story on buying baby formula on the internet. For the full story (written or video format), go here. I was happy to assist Tearsa in finding a mother from our MOMS Club to speak on camera about formula. Lauren Cook did great!

As Coupon Katie recently had her third child, she recently posted a request for ways to save on formula. I applaud her for reaching out for ideas, since she will be undergoing treatment for MS shortly and won't be able to continue breast feeding. I've been impressed with the comments and suggestions.

Personally, I think it's wonderful women have options to feed their babies, but I strongly believe in breast feeding whenever possible. There's just too much literature supporting it to deny breast is best. But I know how hard it can be; trust me, I know! Using a shield for 4 months with one and pumping every ounce for another for 10 months, I have discovered it's not always as "natural" as I'd once envisioned. But then along came Brooke who breastfed exclusively with virtually no problem; kids are all so different.

So where do you stand on the formula issue? Would you buy it from a stranger off Craigslist? Do you trust that generic is just as good as the name brands? How do you save money on formula?

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