Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Seize the Deal: Are they really good deals?

When Seize the Deal, a new group buying website, asked me to check out their business model, I thought it looked great on paper. But I'm always skeptical until I get some proof. Will they have deals that I'm really interested in?

Since they're not in Knoxville yet, I decided to check out a few of their other markets that are running deals. So far, Seize the Deal is up and running in 8 cities in Texas, Wyoming, and Montana. Since one of my best friends, Kathy, lives in Bozeman (one of those cities), I asked her to look at the deals over three days and let me know what she thought.

On Monday, they had 50% off Montana Grizzly Encounters: $10 in entry fees for just $5. She said that was a cool place and close-by. With summer coming this would be a good time to take her daughter. A total of 69 people seized that deal. On Tuesday, Antoinette's Hair & Make-up Studio (which sounds similar to our Salon Visage), had $50 gift certificates for just $25. More than 50 people jumped on that deal too. What a perfect idea right before Mother's Day! But by far the most popular deal in Bozeman this week is today's deal at an Italian restaurant, Ferraro's. They've already had 419 people buy $30 gift certificates for $15 and they still have 3.5 hours for the deal--must be a popular place. What a great way to save on date nights!

I'm hoping we'll get equally diverse deals in Knoxville. The best way not to miss a deal is to sign up for their FREE emails with the deal of the day--no obligation. To sign up, just click on the "Sign Up" button towards the top right on my blog. By clicking through my blog, you are helping to support my writing and deal finding posts; thank you. Plus, this is a great time to do it because you'll be entered to win a drawing for a $250 gift card from Target. For more details of how Seize the Deal works, go here. But hurry, you only have until May 15!

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