Monday, May 24, 2010

Kroger/Shell Gas Discounts--Ugh!!

I think I'm a pretty bright person and in some cases a rather patient one. But my patience with the Kroger / Shell deal to save on gas has run out. I visited my fourth Shell station today since the promotion began promising up to $1 off per gallon. The problem is that the machines at any Shell station can't read my Kroger card.

I've tried removing it quickly, slowly, both directions. I've tried typing in my alternate ID. Usually the clerk can work some magic inside, but even that didn't work today. Having gone out of my way (somewhat) to fill up at a station selling more expensive gas than down the street, I got no discounts whatsoever! I was steaming! It's not so much the fact that I had to pay more; it's the lure of a deal and then no follow through on the promise. I hate broken promises. If you can't deliver, then don't advertise you can.

The only time it has worked without problems is when I filled up at a Kroger gas station. Yes, it will take off more than $.10 per gallon--whatever you have earned since your last fill-up. So until Shell works out the kinks--if they ever do--I'm boycotting them and going to other gas stations.

Have you had problems getting your Kroger / Shell discounts? Have you found a solution?


  1. I have always been able just to use the keypad and punch in my Kroger card number. It has worked every time without a problem! Yesterday I saved $.40/gallon.

  2. I tried keying in my number numerous times at more than one station. I wish it worked for me!

  3. I have mainly used Shells since this promotion started. I hardly ever fill up at Krogers any more. I always key in my alt id and it works fine for me.

    I did fill up at Krogers on my way to Gatlinburg Thursday and was able to fill up for $2.00 a gallon.

  4. You can purchase gift cards to Shell at Kroger thus earning more points!! I know you said you're done for now, but that's a lot of points! I also buy my Home Depot & Target cards at Kroger.