Saturday, April 3, 2010

Baby Steals on Baby Carriers

Have you heard of the company Baby Steals? (Note: I have no affiliation with this company or any of the other products in this post.) No one is stealing babies, but it is a clever business model. Each day they pick 1-3 items to sell--that's it. You can only buy the item of the day that day until they're gone (which apparently is quickly). You snooze, you lose. You can sign up for daily emails, but often they're gone before I receive my email. The past few weeks they've had nursing camisoles, cute hats for girls, UV protected bathing suits for kids, and grocery cart protectors for toddlers. All goods are usually 50-80% off retail.

The company first caught my attention when Organic Deals and Coupons posted that Ergo carriers were $70.50 (45% off!). Let me tell you: that is a fantastic deal! Tara, if you're still reading, I wish I had seen it earlier in the day, but I was one who snoozed that day. Tara (another mother of three) and I struck up a conversation in Kroger about my Ergo, in which Brooke was currently riding. We talked about how expensive they are but how great they are and how we wish we had made the investment with the first kid.

I had mentioned that I got lucky when I bought my Ergo. I had searched Ebay for awhile but never found any great deals (maybe $10-$15 off for used carriers--not worth it). But rather than pay full-price ($105-$135) for a new one, I googled, "Ergo carrier AND discount code" or "promo code"--one of the two. That day there was a company selling it for $85 and a special code gave me free shipping. That was the rock bottom price for an Ergo I'd found until I saw the Babysteals deal.

Though I don't need another one, if I saw that deal again, I might just snatch one as a super special baby gift. It truly is the best carrier you'll ever own. I've carried Brooke in numerous stores, on hikes, playing hide & seek with the boys, and maneuvering the streets of New York City. No self-respecting city mom goes without it--right Andrea?

I'm a big believer in baby wearing, and for infants, my favorite sling is The New Native. It's simple, compact, and doesn't cost much. If you'd like to get some tips about baby wearing in general, this is a good site. And for various promo codes on lots of baby gear, go here. So though I can't help anyone with a great Ergo deal today, I would recommend you check out You never know what great deal awaits you!

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  1. I'm so glad you finally broke down and got an Ergo! I use mine so much that I'm actually on my third one because I trashed the shoulder padding with Heather's and the waistband with Cal's. But even with buying 3, I think it's the best baby equipment I have. Happy riding, Brooke!