Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ink for a Buck

In celebration of Earth Day today, I ask that you do ONE positive thing for the planet. Just one. Doesn't have to be huge. You pick. I decided my one good deed for the day was trying a refillable ink printer cartridge.

Today only (4/22/10) Walgreens is offering printer refills for just $1 (with coupon found in their weekly circular). Refills are normally $12.99 for any size (regular or XL). Since the XL size holds 3 times the amount of ink, that's a good deal. I recently paid about $40 for one XL cartridge at Staples.

Now this is an experiment for me. I've never tried ink refills because I've always heard "they're so messy." Frankly, I'm not sure what's messy about them. I just dropped off my empty cartridge, they refilled it, and I brought it home. I think I just install it as if it were new and there should be no difference. I have yet to test this; I'll let you know otherwise.

If I don't have any problems with the cartridge, I'll definitely try this again. The box the cartridge is returned in has a 50% off coupon on a future refill. To see if your printer's ink qualifies, go here.

So have you decided your one green deed today? Share it with me in comments.

Note: I have no affiliation with Walgreens, and I received no compensation for this post.

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