Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eco Toys for Toddlers

I can't believe it's already April 13 and I'm just now getting around to this post. If you haven't had a chance to pick up the Knoxmoms April magazine, click here. You can read it online or find where to pick up a free paper copy.

There are several green articles in this issue, including mine: Eco Toys for Toddlers. I basically looked at what items were common in a toddler household and turned them into toys: upcycling before recycling. Diaper boxes were turned into building blocks, baby food containers into discovery boxes, finger food containers into drums, wipes boxes into a game of Hide 'n Find, berry clamshells into a Jack in the Box, and plastic water bottles into fascinating works of art.

Here are two additional ideas that were cut for space.
1. Shakers out of juice or mouthwash bottles and bottle caps: Toddlers love the sound of bottle caps rattling in a plastic container. Seal the inside of the cap with hot glue for safety.

2. Bowling Pins or Snack Shakers out of plastic containers for puffs: When you remove the wrapper of a puff container, you’ll find it looks a lot like a bowling pin. Collect ten to make a full set or make a shaker by adding other favorite snacks like goldfish--a food source and toy in one.

The pictures of my adorable toddler Brooke were taken by my talented friend / professional photographer Mitzi Bodie. Thanks, Mitzi.

So did I inspire anyone to give one a try? What ideas did I miss? Enjoy this short video demonstrating some of the eco toys.

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