Saturday, April 24, 2010

Eco Snack Mom--The Results

Today was my day to test out my skills as Eco Snack Mom. It was my small way of proving not all snacks must come in individual wrappers. An hour before game-time there were still sunny skies, and the game was on. So I cut up four oranges into slices, grabbed 10 granola bars, and packed 10 juice boxes. I put them in my new thermal bag from Ingles and cloth bag from Earthfare and piled into the car.

I'll admit the only choice that was really "eco" here were the orange slices, unless you consider one of my favorite environmental principals: Use what you already have. My pantry has plenty of granola bars, and I had just the right number of juice boxes on hand. I had contemplated pouring lemonade into individual cups and then collecting them to recycle, but I was afraid the kids would scatter too quickly. I was also testing the waters here; I didn't want to come across too crazy. Juice boxes really are a terrible environmental choice, but I don't buy them often and they are mighty convenient.

As for costs, I did pretty well on this one. I don't know what the juice cost because I had bought that awhile back on sale and had hidden them from my kids for just this occasion. The granola bars I got for $.24 a box (or $.04 each). I bought a huge bag of oranges at Kroger a few weeks ago for just $4. The amount I sliced worked out to about $1.50. My snacks were economical, environmental and relatively healthy--I was ready to don my Eco Snack Mom cape and fly into action.

Unfortunately on the way to the field, the sky opened up, lightning flared, thunder boomed, and we turned around. Bummer! The granola bars and juice boxes will keep, but we'll be snacking on oranges the next few days. When I do get to be Snack Mom again, I'll let you know how the oranges go over.

What snacks have you taken to sporting events that kids love?

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