Friday, April 9, 2010

Consign on!

I just returned from the MOMS Club consignment pre-sale, and I can honestly report there is something for everyone. Clothes racks are full but not so tight you can't sift through them quickly. There are plenty of items for new moms: strollers, bouncers, exersaucers, swings, gymini mats, etc. There are lots of ride-ons, bedding items, shoes of all sizes, and baby carriers. If you're looking for a costume or swimsuit for a child under three, there are numerous choices. Though I didn't peruse the maternity clothes, there was lots to choose from. What seemed most plentiful to me were the long line of toys. We had so many this year that another row was set up. From infant to preschool, from computer games to books, from Thomas to Tinkerbell, it's there.

I spent $43, with each piece averaging just over $2. Good stuff!

So check it out:
Saturday, April 10
8am - noon; half price: 1-3pm
Knoxville Christian Center
818 Cedar Bluff Road


  1. Hello! My name is Kelly and am a fellow Knoxville blogger! I found you on Gabrielle @ Couponing in Critical Times links and thought I would introduce myself! I love your blog and look forward to being a daily reader! I've added you to my favorites list! Check me out when you get a chance at

  2. Thanks for checking me out. I'll be sure to check your blog as well. Welcome!